Benefits of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is very flexible when it comes to the student and family. One way that homeschooling is flexible is while public or private schools do not have school on the weekend, students that are homeschooled can make up days during this time. Another way is the fact that students can get ahead.

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Once they fully understand and are done with a certain subject they can move on, they do not have to wait for twenty other students to get caught up. “For religious families, homeschooling become a better choice for educating their children.”(1). Religious families have a lot of freedom to teach what they want when it comes to religion. Public schools do not teach religion, but some private schools may. If a parent wants their children to be taught religion, then their best option is homeschooling, because private schools can be expensive. “Homeschooling networks and resources aid homeschooling parents so that they may offer a diverse curriculum with opportunities for community engagement on field trips.”(Drenovsky and Cohen, 5).

Homeschooled students can also be apart of other activities within the community. The last reason that homeschooling has a lot of flexibility is each student can learn at their own pace. If a child takes a lot longer to understand a certain subject, they can work on that one more until they have a good understanding. Other than being flexible, homeschooling provides a safe place to learn. Being homeschooled provides a safer environment for a child to learn. Being in the comfort of your own home using their own things helps a child learn better. They do not have to worry about unfamiliar places. Homeschooled students will be comfortable with their teacher, because most of the students are being taught by one or both of their parents. They will not have to be scared to meet a new teacher every year and face anxiety at a young age due to this problem. A homeschooled student is safer at home than at a public school, because they are away from drugs, alcohol, and other bad habits. Homeschooling creates a better relationship with parents and siblings, besides providing a safe environment.

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