How does Poverty Impact a Child’s Education?

Poverty can mold a child’s development in result of a child’s health and nutrition, parental mental and physical involvement, stimulating home environment and child care, also neighborhood and school conditions. These factors can cause a child to become self-doubting, uninterested and unable to maintain a healthy education. So how can we begin to provide an outreach for these stunted children? There are complex factors that result in the stunting in education for low-income student, require several solutions.

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To reduce or eliminate financial separation of education and students we firstly should; make funding directly responsive to students and school’s needs. I’ve seen firsthand the lack of books, updated and usable technology provide for students. If we are not provided with the proper resources in school, how are we expected retain all the necessary curriculum. If our own teachers are not provided with the feasible means to educate how are we expected to thrive once faced with options of high education.

The school’s system has shown to have inadequate finances to supply us with the proper education. Early childhood education can affect how you retain information once faced with higher education. If during adolescence a child is surrounded by uninvolved teachers, principals, and families; themselves will take on the habit of also becoming un-involved and un-interested in their education and where it could possibly take them. Creating a cognitive school environment starts with having a strong leader within the school to enforce effective practice among teachers and administrators. By providing a string of support services among these young minds we keep these students interested in their education and continuing it. College-prep programs such as Upward Bound yield academic instructions to students such as tutoring, helping encourage student seek higher education. That is just one of 8 federal TRIO programs for educational support. Lastly, influencing a strong relationship between the school and the community can help education leaders better understand the conditions surrounding their students and how it is affecting them.

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