Poverty in the United States

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Updated: Dec 14, 2019
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Poverty is a major issue in our world today, it is when people are not able to afford a minimum standard of living to survive. Poverty is the removal of financial stability to afford necessities. Bill Fay, veteran journalist defined poverty as a pervasive human condition of being unable to obtain or provide a standard level of food, water, and shelter. In 2015, a study was done and reported that 60% of people will experience at least 1 year of poverty. 40% of adults have reported difficulty to provide themselves with basic human needs such as food, shelter, healthcare, clothes, etc. (Poverty in America ). Poverty within United States affects all society and its capability to progess as whole, a lack of education and skilled workers means that there isn’t enough to promote more wealth for everyone. Living in poverty can become a nasty cycle if nothings is to be done which leads to being a public problem. Unemployment and low income communities sets an environment where it prevents from kids going to school to get an education which would stop them from find a promising career in the future.

Poverty can be a never-ending cycle if individuals are not willing or capable to get out which can lead a pattern from one generation to another.. Stated in Kids in America are Hungry , in 2016 over 40 million people lived in poverty, of that number, 13 million were children. Poverty can be can be a huge threat to a childrens lives that can prevent them from getting opportunities and resources that can make a big difference for their future education. Poverty eliminates the option for people/children to focus on personal improvement due to limited resources. Not only does poverty affect the poor but it affects everyone as well, it places economic, social, and psychological costs on individuals. A report was done by the Children’s Defense Fund and they stated, when children do not succeed as adults, all of society pays the price: businesses are able to find fewer good workers, consumers pay more for their goods, hospital and health insurers spend more treating preventable illness, teachers spend more time on remediation and special education, citizens feel less safe on the streets (Bangs, R. 2015, pg. 95). Research shows that growing up young in poverty can harmfully affect children’s health including social and mental developments (The Range of Poverty in America ). The economic system makes it extremely difficult for people to live above the poverty line and can prevent individuals from upward social mobility.

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When it comes to solving poverty and making a difference, there are many career choices that can help with certain issues such as hunger, job opportunities, substance abuse, crime, family stability, etc. I believe the best career choice to go towards is being a teacher when it comes to fighting against poverty. Education in poor communities receive less funding and limited resources compared to more wealthier communites. According to The Borgen Project, children spend approximately 1,200 hours a year in an academic setting. A teacher’s responsibility is being able to influence and educate how important it is to have a stable mental health, education, and living conditions for the future (Borgen Project, 2018). Education is vital and fundamental that provides tools, resources, and opportunities for students to avoid situations that can lead them into poverty and help them succeed in the future. Dr. Robert Hawkins explains, low-income communities need to have teachers who understand the situation they’re in and be able to support them academically and help them in every way they can to make sure they are prepared for real-world problems and help them succeed, (Hawkins, 2016).

Becoming a teacher can help shape and guide children into going towards the right direction in life and help them get out of poverty by providing support and education. To be apart of solving poverty in America or just help make a difference, I would purse to be a middle school teacher. Middle school teachers work with children from 6th to 8th grade where the children are becoming more advanced and complexed learners, the teachers continue to supervise the students and teach them essential life skills and lead them towards the right path before starting high school (Hawkins, 2016). In order to pursue a career in education I must earn a Bachelors degree, which includes taking all general education requirement courses like history, math, writing, science as the common main courses and then cultural humanities, psychology, sociology, art, computer science, etc. depending on what college I attend to. With general education I must also take additional core education courses that is relevant to what subjects I need to teach in middle school which would be math, science, or language arts. Other courses I would potentially have to take would include student assessment methods, instructional strategies, multiculturalism, human development, and any additional educational courses that I need to take depending on what I will be interested in teaching (Pearson, n.d.). While working on a Bachelor’s degree I must also participate in student teaching for atleast a semester where I must have a certain number of hours for supervised education experience in order to sit for licensure. After getting a Bachelor’s degree and hours for student teaching I then have to get licensed or certified for whichever state I plan on teaching at. All states require prospective teachers to complete and pass the states required tests for instructor, then finally apply for the state’s teaching certificate (USDL, 2018).

Pursing a career in education to help solve America’s problem with poverty, can help children by guiding them with support and essential life skills to prevent them from falling into the viscious cycle of poverty. Through the act of teaching, teachers can help improve children’s self-esteem and boost their confidence when they’re more likely be living in a lack of support kind of environment. Becoming a teacher will not solve the problem of poverty as a whole but will most definitely mak a difference starting with children who are the future of America.

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