Child Labor in Sierra Leone Region

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Child labor is a continuous issue notably within the Sierra Leone region, located on the western shore of Africa, it has four districts: the plateaus, mountains, lowlands plains, and forests. There are numerous issues, causes, and impacts to handle the circumstance being referred to. Investigating human rights and why it exists, can facilitate the solution required to give up labor. As shoppers, we ought to teach ourselves about which nations and organizations fortify kids work for monetary benefit and blacklist them.

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Child labor is the abuse of children at an awfully youthful age and considered as well youthful to be utilized as expressed by government laws, and in some cases being paid less or no money the least bit. It is viewed as child mishandle and ignores the child’s right inside and out.

There are various causes of child labor, economic conditions being one of the important reasons, because of overpopulation several families are compelled to contend for jobs and consequently, children are told to step in and supply for the family with the help of any method necessary. Aside from economic condition illiteracy is additional the main purpose for child labor, almost 50% of all Sierra Leone children somewhere in the range of five and fourteen are associated with illegal working conditions, while 36% of grade school girls do not attend class, and 52% of girls around the same age are illiterate. similarly, corruption especially from the authorities happens as a result of labor value is low, and expressly from the administration happens since work value is low, ravenous individuals misuse children to increase unreasonable advantage or favorable position. Another reason for child labor is generally because of culture and customary practices which is frequently trusted that there is nothing amiss with the child performing manual undertakings since it will enable them to get familiar with the qualities of the business.

In addition, the possible effects of adult AIDS deaths pressure children into work obligations because of the economic pressure of the sickness, in most instances the loss of the mother means applying that her children have emerged as orphans, and especially if the clans are matrilineal, the loss of a migrated father can also simple recommend the shortage of some family income. however, in regions of sturdy patrilineal clans and patrilocal house, the kids’ lack of a father could imply thus strong loss in rights that their mom ought to escape, and they could fit her or live and turn out to be in effect orphans, thereby growing the child exertions obligations.

In 2017 there used to be little, or no efforts made to rid Sierra Leone of the worst types of child labor. Children have been denied their vital childhood approach of life in conjunction with essential rights such as education, hindering the economic amplify of the country. Too often these children suffer from poor health and malnutrition. Furthermore, adolescents are exposed to numerous hazards and dangerous conditions harmful to their health, wellbeing, and safety. Ending these types of child labor and making sure all children are protected must be the first priory for government organizations in Sierra Leone.

In Sierra Leone, the Child Right Act have the minimum age for employment at fifteen years, even though children could work at thirteen it must be considered light work, and do not interfere with their education or place them in enmity danger, Similarly, children are encouraged

to attend school at least until the age of fifteen to receive the basic education needed, then their can enter the work place.

There is no excuse for child labor, despite what it is referred to child labor in any form ought to be unacceptable. There are several reasons why it exists.

  1. It exists as a result of global demand for cheaply made products implies that suppliers must find the most affordable labor pool and as a result children are forced to work.
  2. Customers do not care enough concerning who make the merchandise they purchase if they are low cost.
  3. The rights of children receiving a full-time education is denied.
  4. It exists wherever government do not implement laws and where there is a cultural understanding of children not attending school.
  5. It exists as a result that the government have not done all it can to put an end to the crimes of children.

To solve this problem is not as easy as placing a ban on child labor; therefore, strategic efforts need to be created to combat the problem. First, government should enforce strict child labor laws and provide incentives or severe consequences accordingly. Increase employment for adults by providing both skilled and unskilled opportunities to decrease the economic condition, improve the education system ensuring every child receives an equal opportunity to attend school funded by the wealth. Next, business can make a pledge not to participate in child labor on ethical grounds.

Finally, are there any circumstances suitable for child labor? The argument is that the exploitation of all children is unacceptable under any circumstance. Child labor is a circle of continuous poverty, when a family lives below the poverty level children are forced to work and therefore cannot attend school, causing them to lack the knowledge and skills needed to have a better quality of life. In this case young girls marry and have children to support and with little or no income consequently they lose their job to younger employees creating fewer job opportunities. Child labor is not only a family issue it affects everyone; the government should be concerned in providing the mandatory conditions to keep children from the work place. In many cases, instead of poverty causing child labor it is, in fact the other way around, child labor causes and continue poverty by keeping adults out of the workforce.

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