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Campus Housing

Words: 1886 Pages: 6 3981

Strategic Analysis Final A mission statement is defined as the company’s business objective and its approach to reach those objectives. The mission statement the housing firm I currently work for is to provide a full range of on and off-site campus housing via roommates across the united states. Our service empowers select educational partners and […]

Topics: College, Economy, Housing, Student, University

Museums Introduce Us to Indigenous Peoples and their Culture

Words: 1532 Pages: 5 4000

Traditionally Authentic Indigenous art is highly valued and highly desired around the world for it explores unique cultures unlike our own. For many years, museums and universities have made efforts to preserve the integrity and quality of indigenous art by displaying them to the public. Museums and universities distort ideas of authenticity about indigenous cultures […]

Topics: Indigenous People, Museum, Tradition, University

Making Higher Education Affordable

Words: 616 Pages: 2 5376

Education is crucial to make the future generation surpass the ongoing society. Although, education is a must, schools come with a price. Especially, colleges are relatively higher in fees. The United States Senator Bernie Sanders discusses what he believes America actually needs to become great: High-quality higher education delivered to citizens for free (Sanders, 2017). […]

Topics: Economy, Motivation, Should College Be Free, Tax, University

The Origin of Luther’s Primary and Secondary Education in the Renaissance

Words: 2513 Pages: 8 3914

The 12th century medieval Europe was marked by remarkable changes in the fields of astrology and science. The medieval renaissance was characterized by a lot of intellectual growth and development of new styles and movements such as Romanesque art, the development of poetry both lyrical and spoken and development of Latin literature. The 12th century […]

Topics: Byzantine Empire, God, Martin Luther, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Silk Road, University

Does Higher Education Still Prepare People for Jobs?

Words: 764 Pages: 3 4084

Students should be responsible for a part of their tuition, while the government should also subsidized each student entering college. If college fees were cut in half by the government and not by loans that tax students six months after graduating, students would have the opportunity to go back to school and get their masters. […]

Topics: College, Higher Education, Should College Be Free, University
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Gender Discrimination is a Problem at Tokyo Medical University

Words: 944 Pages: 3 4013

According to a survey by the ministry of education. There has been clear unethical behavior in the way the school scores entrance exams. The school has been manipulating the test scores of female applicants for years. It reduced the scores of female applicants by 20 percent. This is obviously extremely unfair to women. Many universities […]

Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Gender Equality, Medical school, Sexism, Social Issues, University

Pros, Cons, and Alternatives of Free College

Words: 829 Pages: 3 5612

“There is little reason to believe that free college would increase the number of students who would graduate, and reason to fear it would reduce the quality of, and access to, a college education. This could hit low-income students the hardest” (Eden 3). This quote provides evidence that if college tuition is to become free […]

Topics: College, Economy, Should College Be Free, Tax, University

Reasons why i Want to Study Abroad

Words: 553 Pages: 2 7102

This is a beautiful planet, full of wonderful people, ancient history and natural wonders. My question would be, why wouldn’t anyone want to travel if they can? Studying abroad is an experience of a life time. I believe when you move abroad, you move out of your comfort zone. Five years ago, when I moved […]

Topics: Human Nature, Life, University

College Essay for Admission as a Freshman

Words: 277 Pages: 1 4029

My name is Sebastian Buckeridge a native of Jamaica. I came to America on 2012 and that was the turning day of my life. America is the most beautiful country in the world. I was a bit challenged academically back in my native country Jamaica. I was a D student due to the many challenges […]

Topics: Student, University

Why Everyone should Go to a Community College?

Words: 1017 Pages: 3 4233

Should younger people be encouraged to attend a community college instead of a four-year college? My parents aren’t rich and won’t be rich unless they magically win the lottery because that’s not going to happen. They can’t afford for me to attend a four-year university. Because of this I attended Jackson State Community College to […]

Topics: College, Should Everyone Go To College, University

I Want to be an Engineer

Words: 733 Pages: 2 3983

In order to become a mechanical engineer, one must go to college and get their bachelor’s degree, get their licensing and also take the required exams. There are many duties to working a job like this, having to be able to read blueprints, draw technically. Also will need to operate, Research, evaluate, and design. A […]

Topics: Human Nature, Math, Profession, University


Words: 1074 Pages: 4 3917

Introduction In quantitative methods a systematic empirical observation through statistical, mathematical and computational techniques are important components. Reliability of the data is important in quantitative methods. Data accuracy is affected by a variety of factors which range from the choice of the collection methods to biasness. Data is important in improving several aspects of business […]

Topics: Advertising, Pricing, Quantitative Research, Research, Statistics, University

The TMU Entrance Exam Scandal: Reflection of Sexist

Words: 1028 Pages: 3 4201

Tokyo Medical University has produced a humiliation by methodically lowering entrance examination scores and raising tuition fees, to limit the number of mostly female students. Greg Wheeler, in the 2018 International Journal for Educational Integrity, “The Tokyo Medical University entrance exam scandal: lessons learned,” point-by-point, breaks down problems related to the scandal of TMU, the […]

Topics: Discrimination, Learning, Medical school, Sexism, Social Issues, University

Why Study Humanities

Words: 524 Pages: 2 4324

Critical thinking, an understanding of art and human nature, as well as an idea of ??our place in society and in the natural world are the most important characteristics of an educated person. Historically, the humanities and general education subjects have contributed to the development of such a personality. However, what is happening in universities […]

Topics: Human Nature, Reasoning, University

Gender Discrimination Scandal at Tokyo Medical University

Words: 849 Pages: 3 4409

Recently, a scandal about the admissions of Tokyo Medical University was reported which shocked Japanese society. According to International Journal for Educational Integrity, Tokyo Medical University “”artificially tampered with entrance examination results”” in order to limit the number of female students to be admitted. The university has lowered the entrance examination scores of female medical […]

Topics: Discrimination, Gender, Gender Equality, Japan, Medical school, Medicine, Sex, Sexism, Social Issues, University

Summarize the Reason for your Prevous Educational Struggles

Words: 602 Pages: 2 4099

My ambitions in life were so high and substantially motivated by the desire to serve other humanities with care and concern. The desire to become a practitioner in the medical field was the driving force throughout my high school education and inspired me to work towards the goal. My life has not gone through a […]

Topics: Career, Health, Health Care, Medicine, University

Being a Responsible Student: what does it Mean?

Words: 453 Pages: 2 4668

Applicants are concerned about the question of how the correct student should look. What awaits a freshman at a university? How does the training take place? How to behave in order to successfully graduate from a university? Education at the university is subject to a strict schedule. For each semester, a specific program is drawn […]

Topics: Communication, Human Nature, Pedagogy, Teacher, University

Education Process

Words: 955 Pages: 3 4394

Different colleges have shown leniency in ranking student s due to the stiff competition posed by the private institution and increased demand for students with higher grades. The tolerance in grading has let the college standards down, thus reflecting negativity in the education process. According to Brent (1998 pp 22-19), the grading system, especially in […]

Topics: Behavior Modification, College, Gender, Learning, Special Education, University

Alcohol Abuse Among College Students Study

Words: 2150 Pages: 7 4301

Abstract On April 10, 2019, after the professor approved the research proposal, I embarked on a qualitative research study to find out why the problem of alcohol abuse is so rampant among college students. The number of students whose lives is affected in one way or another is astonishingly high. There are the accidental deaths, […]

Topics: Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Behavior, Health, Qualitative Research, Substance Abuse, University

Why i Chose my Major

Words: 560 Pages: 2 4909

Settling on a major is a critical choice, one that can be hard to make. A few understudies go into school thinking a certain something, just to discover they need to major in something different. Did I pick the right major? It is a decent inquiry everybody is posing to themselves. My reaction: I don’t […]

Topics: Profession, Social Psychology, Social Skills, University

The Catholic Church and the Western Civilization

Words: 468 Pages: 2 4386

Without the Catholic Church we wouldn’t be sitting in this room today. Exact dates of the first known universities like Oxford or Cambridge are unknown, but it is said around the second half of the twelfth to early thirteenth century the university system was first created. The university system created then is still used in […]

Topics: Catholic, Catholic Church, God, University

Italians being “the Firstborn Among the Sons of Modern Europe”

Words: 1424 Pages: 5 4037

“Italians being “the firstborn among the sons of modern Europe” combined the revival of antiquities and the ‘all-sided man’— ‘l’uomo universale’— developing free personality to undeniably question the Church and cast a general spirit of doubt in the religious beliefs of the period. In his work Buckhardt says, “the subjective side at the same time […]

Topics: Bible, Catholic Church, Humanism, Italy, Martin Luther, Renaissance, University

My Fox Experience with how i Studied Mathematics

Words: 604 Pages: 2 3399

Before expressing my admiration for the University and stating the reasons limit and my choice, I would like to give you some personal information. My name is Semen Borisov. I finished high school in Russia, and I am strongly planning to link myself with China. I am extremely enthusiastic about my decision to study mathematics, […]

Topics: China, Personal Experience, University

Christianity in Medieval Europe

Words: 1216 Pages: 4 11319

The church was a dominating force back in the middle ages. After the fall of the Roman Empire the only religion that was recognized was Christianity and more specifically Catholicism. The Roman Empire fell after Emperor Constantine took the throne. This end the harassment of Christians and gave arose of Christianic society All kinds of […]

Topics: Christianity, God, Middle Ages, Torture, University

Professors against Gender Inequality and Rasism

Words: 1322 Pages: 4 3966

Russell J. Skiba is a Professor in the school psychology program and director of the Equity Project at Indiana University. Russell received his master’s and Ph. D in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota. Pedro A. Noguera is a distinguished Professor of education at UCLA. He obtained his B.A. and M.A. in Sociology from […]

Topics: Criminal Justice, Discrimination, Gender Inequality, Justice, Social Issues, University, Violence

MY DREAM JOB is be a Psychologist

Words: 578 Pages: 2 4533

I would like to be a psychology professor at a university. I have found a passion for psychology, and I found a passion for telling other people my knowledge, so then I just put the two together. As a psychology professor, the name says most of it, I would be teaching psychology at a university. […]

Topics: Economy, University

Cheating in Education Today

Words: 653 Pages: 2 4153

In the paragraph: “Universities Simply Have to Do Better” of Maclean in Cultures in Contrast: Student Life at U.S Colleges and Universities by Myra Shulman, the author claims that universities seem to value their integrity more than students’ appropriateness and achievement by showing that students still received graduation certificates even though they have cheated on […]

Topics: Cheating, Plagiarism, University

African American Women Among Professors

Words: 2227 Pages: 7 4025

Tenure is an important, but overlooked, aspect of education that faces challenges related to racial imbalance. It has been defined as a “freedom of teaching and research, as well as financial security to make the profession more attractive to people looking to enter it” (1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure). According to […]

Topics: Evaluation, Intersectionality, Mentorship, Sexism, Social Issues, United States, University

Reflections on the Gender Discrimination Scandal in Japanese Universities

Words: 850 Pages: 3 4173

Recently, an article writtenby Greg Wheeler called “The Tokyo Medical University entrance exam scandal: lessons learned” was published in the International Journal of Educational Integrity. In the article, the author outlines the news that TMU secretly cut scores of female applicants in order to reduce the number of female medical students, and such sexism is […]

Topics: Citizenship, Discrimination, Employment Discrimination, Gender, Gender Equality, Japan, Medical school, Sexism, Social Issues, University

Is Attending College Still Worth It?

Words: 921 Pages: 3 6167

In today’s society, a rising question in the minds of American youth is, “”Is college worth it?”” To which the answer is a resounding “”yes””. Attending a university still carries a large amount of value ranging from being able to develop as a person by gaining responsibility and independence to the opportunity of increased material […]

Topics: College, Is College Worth It, University

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