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Tradition Essays

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Greek and Roman Affects on Western Civilization

Words: 666 Pages: 2 6321

After discussing Greek and Roman architecture and engineering in class, I wanted to garner a deeper understanding of just how much of an affect these two cultures had on modern Western Civilizations. For instance, what else have these magnificent cultures contributed to to other aspects of society. This paper will discuss the similarities and differences […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Architecture, Civilization, Greece, Myth, Tradition

Birthdays: a Wish for the Gods

Words: 1177 Pages: 4 5091

Birthdays are celebrated to remember personal achievements, show appreciation to those we love and care for, and to simply acknowledge our existence. Although lives are measured by the ceaseless passing of time, birthdays are a time to be remembered. That is how birthdays are defined in America today. The single day that all people have […]

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Birthday, God, Myth, Sacrifice, Tradition

The Lottery through a Different Lens

Words: 1819 Pages: 6 4005

If one takes any occurrence and tries to make sense of it, there is always a philosophical theory to rationalize with it. Philosophy is all about different theories used to describe the nature of human thoughts, the nature of the universe and the correlation between the two. Regardless of what time period it is, the […]

Topics: American literature, Ethical Egoism, Motivation, Tradition

Feminism and Sexism in a Changing World

Words: 2617 Pages: 9 5215

During the early 1960s, American society began to undergo substantial changes in public opinions and that would eventually lead to the artistic culture we enjoy today. Within this time period, Hollywood released some of their first family films; Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music. Due to world events occurring in the 60s like the […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Family, Feminism, Gender, Gender Equality, Gender Roles, Masculinity, Patriarchy, Sex, Sexism, Social Equality, Social Issues, Tradition

How i was Born into a Diverse Family

Words: 406 Pages: 1 3731

I was raised by an Italian mother and father as well as a stepfather who was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Having both Italian and Puerto Rican parents has allowed me to grow up learning about two very different cultures, languages, and traditions. The Italian within me has been built upon the work of […]

Topics: Diversity, Human Nature, Popular culture, Tradition
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Reaching Puberty in Apache Tribe

Words: 1011 Pages: 3 4207

“In Native American culture, the journey into womanhood, or coming of age period, is extremely sacred and honored through a special ceremony/ritual. Having said that, in the Native American Apache tribe, the na’ii’ees, or Sunrise ceremony, is a coming of age ritual that occurs when a young girl has reached puberty, indicating she is mentally […]

Topics: Coming of age, Tradition

  the Divine Dariana Week 

Words: 1771 Pages: 6 3169

Today’s world is full of so many different cultures and languages; its diversity is continuously increasing, and there is always something new to be learned. One specific example of the variety of the world we live in is the many different holidays and the different people groups that celebrate them. Looking into the different beliefs […]

Topics: Favourite Holiday, Poetry, Tradition

Cultural Constructs of Gender in Folklore

Words: 2536 Pages: 8 4183

Cultural Constructs of gendered behavioral ideals are prevalent in nearly every society. Many of these ideals can be traced back to the folkloric traditions of communities, in which both women and men’s defined behavioral standards are reflected in stories and myths. Men are commonly the executive authority in their communities and at home, which is […]

Topics: Gender, Machismo, Marriage, Myth, Narrative, Sexism, Tradition

Museums Introduce Us to Indigenous Peoples and their Culture

Words: 1532 Pages: 5 4000

Traditionally Authentic Indigenous art is highly valued and highly desired around the world for it explores unique cultures unlike our own. For many years, museums and universities have made efforts to preserve the integrity and quality of indigenous art by displaying them to the public. Museums and universities distort ideas of authenticity about indigenous cultures […]

Topics: Indigenous People, Museum, Tradition, University

Family Traditions in White, Black, Chicano, and Asian Cultures

Words: 1247 Pages: 4 4604

It has long been said that tradition makes a person. “Tradition is simply defined as a manifestation of human ideals within a group or community practiced generation to generation” (Rockwell 11). Most people however do not practice traditions within their culture often nowadays. Sometimes culture bleeds into film or television re-invigorating our sense of belonging […]

Topics: african american culture, Family, Tradition

Globalization and its Impact on Popular Culture

Words: 1011 Pages: 3 8671

Humans have been interacting with one another from the beginning of time. Communicating, trading, and making war, our relationship to one another has never been one of isolation. Centuries of progressing technology have given rise to a massive network of exchange, inciting interactions which have influenced every aspect of life for people today. It is […]

Topics: Adoption, Cultural Assimilation, Immigration, Japan, Philippines, Popular culture, Tradition, United States

How the Immigrants Identify themselves with their Culture

Words: 1440 Pages: 5 4784

This assessment was done to identify family history and the life they have gone through in the United States. It is important in identifying how immigrants perform in the new environment they are in. It is carried out to show whether the immigrants still identify themselves with their culture and if they still remember it. […]

Topics: Cultural Diversity, Immigration, Language, Marriage, Research, Tradition

Symbolism in Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”

Words: 890 Pages: 3 5096

Short stories vary in lengths and genres. Short stories stimulate deep emotion within the writer and reader but most importantly it grabs the reader’s attention and tells enough information to capture the main character’s backstory. In Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” individuals do not win money, but it is rather considered as a tradition to the […]

Topics: Human Nature, The Lottery, Tradition

Human Rights in the Era of Globalization

Words: 1212 Pages: 4 6332

Human rights embody ore values. Among them, there is the dignity of all human beings their equality of fundamental worth and their need to live in this community, with respect and empathy for others, but also with some measure of industrial liberty. Mostly west world countries don’t have any monopoly on these values, but people […]

Topics: Globalization, Human Rights, Justice, Poverty, Social Issues, Tradition

My Plans for Christmas were Ruined

Words: 1068 Pages: 4 3908

One time each year, enchantment and spark take flight. Each home fills with joy as little children are nestled in their beds. Parents tiredly make their way to bed as the last present is wrapped tight with red thread. The house is all decorated with wreaths and the stockings are hung on the mantle beneath. […]

Topics: Childhood, Childhood Memories, Christmas, Holiday, Tradition

Heritage as a Cultural Aspect

Words: 1546 Pages: 5 4251

Traditions have been around for decades. They all come in different styles and ways of practice. In some people eyes, they represent the heritage passed down from generation to generation such as objects of values, pieces of art or even handmade tools from an old member of the family. Traditions can also be defined as […]

Topics: Heritage, Tradition

The Importance of School

Words: 794 Pages: 3 3552

Deep down in their subconscious minds, many people may ask themselves “Why do I go to school to do the same old stuff every single day?” Well, I think that it’s because my mama wanted me to have an education like she did because only one of her parents went to college. My grandmother graduated […]

Topics: Confucianism, Tradition

The Holiday Season: American Over-Indulgence at its Finest 

Words: 1492 Pages: 5 4068

Though we live in a time of perpetual change and cultural redefinitions, the celebration of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, and other holidays around the colder time of year seem to be one of the most consistently and highly anticipated cultural phenomena in America. With towns and cities named after Christmas icons like in Santa […]

Topics: Altruism, Christmas, Holiday, Money, Tradition, Waste

The True Cultural Reflection of my Identitiy

Words: 1862 Pages: 6 4081

INTRODUCTION HAVE YOU EVER HAD ONE OF THOSE DAYS? The disadvantage of losing your parents at the age of 4 years old .If alive, how can a Mom and a Dad imagine seeing their child of 5 years being initiated as a member of a secret society (poro/sand) of which it was never they wish […]

Topics: Community, Gender, Homosexuality, Marriage, Tradition

Immigration in the U.S

Words: 1020 Pages: 3 3983

Immigration is defined as the process through which individuals become permanent residents or citizens of a new country (other than the one they were born). People who are immigrants come to a new country hoping to become citizens of that country and plan to live there for a long period of time. Immigration has been […]

Topics: Immigration, Individualism, Multiculturalism, Socialization, Sociological imagination, Tradition, United States

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