The True Cultural Reflection of my Identitiy

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The disadvantage of losing your parents at the age of 4 years old .If alive, how can a Mom and a Dad imagine seeing their child of 5 years being initiated as a member of a secret society (poro/sand) of which it was never they wish for something like this to happen to their child. Unfortunately situation causes indecent things to happen to decent people like myself.

Barely a year after I had lost both my parents in a space of one year of which was very unfortunate for me especially when I was still very young to fond for myself and I was very sensitive around my surroundings ,especially because one day I was picked up by some unknown persons who accused me on the account that I was seen outside when the “Bush Devil” was passing by ; and for this reason I was taken against my own will to a poro-secret for a forceful initiation. This was how I became a member and also choose to disclose such acts in my reflective essay writings. Although as such situations forced me to become the man I am today; the is a part of me that will never condone such beliefs and practises and I will never ever allow any of my unborn children to ever become a member of such tradition that was forced to me at a very young age merely because I had no one to defend me on the false accusations that were placed upon me at the age of 5 years.


Racial Origins

As a Liberian from African decedents with both parents also pure African Liberians .I am a proud black man by colour, accent, & masculinity.

Ethnicity Origins

As a Liberian by birth I was automatically born into the ‘Mande’ ethnic group with tribes called ‘Mano’ & ‘Guo’. My tribe is the most largest one in the population in my country and can be found in the north & the far west part of Liberia.

National origins

By way of formal and personal introduction I am Richard Boayla a Liberian Nationality and birth from the west costal of Africa .

How does my gender class defines me?

Gender: As gender can be interchangeably used and can also be classified based on the social construction of cultural distinctions between the males and females but from the cultural identity background together with my physical biological appearance also due to the sexual organ I have ,also taking into consideration my religion as a Christian and my unusual sex heterogenous sexual habits. My gender defines me as been a complete and total male person.

How my class defines me?

As it relates to my class as defining my gender, my colleagues from the class define my gender as male due to personal and gender inter-action we have gone through as students and from the limited time of one month and some weeks they have know me .

How does my gender define me?

As I was born and brought forth into this world and since I’ve known myself as a person up to my present age ,my gender personal defines me as a personal defines me as a male counterpart because I personally possess all of the qualities and organs which a male shall possess and a heterosexual behaviours a person by sexuality, highly defines me as to which kind of gender I am .Though I can be as a man but possesses a homosexual sexuality behaviour which could if I was define my gender as female instead of male.

How do I define myself as cultural being?

A particular traditions story

When I was growing up as a child and I was very sensitive to my surround and a well as my environment I occupy. I do remember an essential traditional event which involves the youth, children and even man who’s parents never had the means of sending them for school/(know as western education), this unique and import and tradition I know is called the poro society for boys and men plus the sand society for girls and women. A person in my country joined this tradition at the age of 4 years by which they will be carried by their both parents who one members of it or relatives, and onto their way which people become part of this is when the country devils comes not unaware and those who are not member were out when the country devils appears out will be force to joined this society, why which got me into it. Other parents willingly come with their adult youth boys and girls to get traditional training. Some of the taught or passed down core: The teaching of the male children how to play a fatherly role when they gets many and have kids. These training entails teaching the boy how to hunt, how to use leaves from the bush for herbs. Other benefits of this poro society was that they were taught how to install cultural norms for the community. In the poro society bush school the initiates are taught about their cultural history, folk love, and customs. They are taught to respect their elders and how to perform certain tasks within their community. The people joining this society was given two medicine for protection these medicine was for all kinds and types of poisons and protection from evil does and witch crafts.

Moreover, in this society the is making of the persons back, on the side of the arms and keeping of all secrets of the societies and up today’s secret keeping of all secrets of the societies, and up today’s secret keeping highly valued in Liberia culture and they know what goes on behind close doors but are not vocal about those things.

Particular customs / ceremonies/habits I remember from childhood that define me

Customs: A particular customs I do remember from childhood until now which have defined me is my unique pattern of greetings

Men greeting Men- Usually by hand shaking and thee old finger snap in most casual situations. A more traditional handshake is common for formal and business situations.

Women greeting women- A hand shake and a small kiss on the cheek is a more casual form of greeting. A traditional handshake is common for formal and business situations

Meeting between Men and Women- Handshake with a softer finger snap. A traditional handshake is common for formal and informal situations.

Communication Style

In my country from my cultural customs of communications style. People tend to say what they mean but it takes a along time to say it, but emphasis is put on being a good orator, and its normal for speaker to feel like they have to talk for a while to get their points across.

Personal space and touching

Less than arm’s length , a person space is common for most situations people of my country (Liberians) tend to be very physical. For example in my cultural customs, I am a point to a someone, I will reach out and touch that person. A high level of touching is appropriate. The manner of my touching depends on my relationship with the person I am speaking to if they are setting down

Personal space

When the person I am speaking to is standing then I will rest my hand on his shoulder or touch their hand but when sitting then I will rest my on his leg.

Eye Contact

As a cultural custom of my country, direct eye contact is always acceptable when in most cases, when my parents want in most cases when my parents want to say something but do not want other understands he will then give a wink with his eye for me to know whether I am doing is not fine and I should from that place.


My cultural setting and customs consider it rude if a person does not say hello to people you pass in the street and as a foreigner, it is rude not to shake hands with perfect strangers you pass in the street. It is important to say hello to people who make eye with you.

How does my personal cultural profile affect the customs/ceremonies/habits of South Africa

Traditional Wedding Ceremonies

One particular ceremony which I can remember from childhood that can define me is the ceremony of my country in Liberia. In my country what I do remember is that a traditional custom any my country law makes a man to have many more wife’s and my father is part of this practises. The traditional marriages of my country are granted and accepted by the organic law of my country . During the unique ceremony of doing payment is presented to the bride family and including kola nut breaking ,the payment of dowry 48 US dollar, also at the traditional ceremonies country clothes or traditional clothes / lappa are given to the parents ,aunts, lappa are given to the bride. If the Father and mother of the bride is late that these things are given to the first uncle and aunty of the bride, and the ceremony is very costly in my cultural, but in my fathers days claimed 3 arches of farm lands and planted crops in order to get his two wives.

Traditional Cultural Habits

One cultural habits that I remember from childhood that help define me is when my father, mother and grandparents are giving their blessing to us when I am about to travel or carry out any taste. These people I mention give their blessing to me by putting water into mouth ,they shake it first and spite it on me and cite words of good fortune for me in my journey that God should bless it and it shall be well for me where even I will and do that will

bring better good fortune for my future. They can also invite their ancestors spirit to go ahead of me smooth my path for successful journey before I can embark on the journey tasks.


When I personal take a look back on that faithful day, there was nothing I could have done but to be a member of the poro society. Moreover ,there are so many beautiful things I consider that are good as it relates to the customs and habits of my culture practices which includes but not limited to the how man greets their follow men and women too, meetings between men and women , the communication style of my country, personal space and touching, eye contact and taboo. To conclude with and most interesting is the uniqueness of the traditional wedding ceremonies in terms of it allowing men to marry more than 2 wives and the down payment of the bride along with the sharing of kota nuts and traditional happas to the relatives of the bride.


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