Socio-Cultural Problems in Indian Society

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Regardless what society people are from, it is visible that just about every society is more than likely to have their own socio-cultural problems. Within the Indian Society some major issues that have arisen and is still contemporary consist of the Caste system, issues associated with women, communalism, overpopulation, poverty, unemployment and so on. The issues listed are major issues right off the back that are still occurring in India today. However, these are only half of the problems overall.

Moving forward, the existence of the caste system is clearly still ongoing today. To briefly describe what the caste system is, it defines the higher class people of India from the lower class. The separation between the higher and lower caste system was at one point to where both parties were not even allowed to encounter or interact within one another. For instance, the lower class were not even able to “draw water from the common wells of the villages, or even go to the temples or to come close to the people of the so called higher castes.” In the modern day India, the lower caste people still encounter general issues when it comes to housing situations, social acceptance, an increase of crime, and seeking relationship.

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In addition, modern day issues still ongoing in India consist of the gender discrimination and dowry. In India females carry the weight of dowry and are expected to leave from their parents’ home after marriage. Women are also discriminated within the educational, work force, and medical fields. However, throughout the years the government has made progress to provide females with education and jobs with maternity leave. Moreover, the government has passed the Dowry Prohibition Act in 1961. Although dowry has been banned in India, this practice is so out of culture that it still takes place within both the rural and urban area of India. Dowry often leads to deaths, domestic violence, physical, and psychological abuse.

India is a country that is well known to consist of various religious beliefs. Throughout India you will often come across people such as Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and so on. With such a large variety of religious communities tensions often arises. And when there is tensions, there is hatred, which leads to “communal riots” and an increase of deaths. Issues like communalism often makes it harder for a country like India to progress and become at peace today.

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As of 2017 up to today, India’s population has reached into the 133 billion range. Clearly India has such a massive population that poverty, starvation, child labor, and unemployment has taken into place. Just about a vase majority of its population is right underneath the poverty line, which leads to an increase of unemployment. The country’s current unemployment rate has increased from 5.9 percent to 7.2 percent within just a year of time span. With this unemployment rate it goes to show that families are unable to seek the right medical attention needed, as well as provide for one another to avoid starvation and health issues. Moving forward, in such of desperate need for wealth, parents are quick to send their children into the workforce when given the opportunity. And generally speaking child labor results in the lack of education, which leads to an increase of unemployment and poverty once those children reaches of age.

Overall, these were just some of the basic issues that India has dealt with in the past and still in the present today. Although India has made progress from where they first started, it is clear that these issues were not completely resolve. And with these issues still in place it creates challenges for the country itself to become as one.

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