Major Problems in Modern-day Russia

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Modern-day Russia has changed drastically since Stalin was at the helm. Some people would say its social problems are still consistent but as times have changed Russia developed more problems. For Russia being the sixth biggest country on Earth, problems such as poverty, crime and gender relations are consistent in countries this populated. When people think of Russia, you think of corruption but Russia faces many more social problems than corruption. This paper will map the modern-day social problems that the people of Russia faces.

Today in Russia, alcoholism is a major problem Russia faces today. As a country with alcoholism as one of its social problems is never a good thing unless it’s about exporting products. A study states that 25% of men who die before they are 55 of age is due to alcohol. Alcohol in Russia has always been a problem and that’s why former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1985 cut vodka production and didn’t allow it to be sold before lunch time. This restriction didn’t hold back Russians love for alcohol as they rank in the top 10 in alcohol consumption. 11.5 number of liters are consumed per person annually in Russia that results in a shorter life expectancy. Alcoholism’s problem in Russia was never inconspicuous there’s has been many laws and policies over the past years trying to impede the degree of consumption.

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Russia’s ranks 9th as the world’s most populated country. Post- Soviet Union its population has declined significantly. The current population of Russia is 143,907,853 which is about 6 million less than it was in the 90s. Russia consist of 6 major ethnic groups which are Russian, Tatar, Ukrainian, Bashkir, Chuvash, and Chechan. Modern-day Russia is very urbanized with 74.2% rating meaning almost 3/4th of the population lives in the city or suburbs. Life expectancy of Russia is about 71 years of its total population with female’s expectancy being at 77 and males at 65.3. 81% of the people are Orthodox Christians and most of the remaining are atheists. Russians demographics look to stay stable over the next few years.

Crime has always been an issue and its penitentiary system is brutal. As far as corruption to organized crime, Russia government is concerned with its outlook. Organized crime has always been a problem is Russia, it goes back to as early as the early 80s. Just like most countries, Russia has gangs with territories. Most of the crime incidents reside in Moscow as it’s the largest city in Russia. Crime rates are particularly high, Russia ranks in 35th in crime levels. Russia imprisons its citizens at a high rate similar to the United States. Half of its crime activity comes from theft and larceny. Russian structure of the penal system is unique to other countries instead of cells the inmates are housed in barracks in penal colonies. The conditions of each penal colonies depend on the severity of the crime. Crimes such as murder and rape would put the inmates in tougher conditions. Riots break out normally in the petal colonies due to harsh conditions and violence.

Russia’s orphanage system is growing rapidly over the past years. About 6,000 infants per year are born into the system. Majority of the newborns are sent by their parents to be orphans because of their disabilities they have at birth. There are more than 600,000 children in the orphanage system that certain to have at least one disability. Ironically some are the disabilities are related to alcohol consumption from the mother while she is pregnant. Russia’s system consists of many orphans that leads to child adoption. The United States plays a role in their adoption crisis. In the beginning of the 2000s there were thousands of child adoptions from Russia to the United States. As the years progressed that number decreased drastically. In 2012 Putin signed the anti-adoption bill that prevented United States citizens to adopt from Russia. There has many talks surrounding the lifting of the ban over the pass years but in my opinion the lift won’t happen any time soon.

Every country consists of poverty problems and wealthy people becoming too wealthy. The early 2000s income levels increased which drove down the poverty but of recent that rate is rising. Russia’s oil production is greatly depended upon and over the past year’s prices dropped significantly which effected Russia’s economy. Its economy is vulnerable with such changes yearly. There are over 20 million citizens who live below the poverty line and 111 billionaires’ control about a fifth of all household wealth. Similar to the United States, those who are in the top ten percentile of the population controls 85% of wealth in Russia. Russia inequality of wealth is a problem and Putin vowed to help the poor out by promising to drop the rate of poverty in the near future. People look to live in rural areas because of its better conditions and cost of living compared to living in the city which the cost of living is much more expensive. The inequality of wealth and poverty looks to be an issue that will last for years to come as Russia’s economy is unstable.

Domestic violence is a growing cause in Russia today. Even though the violence has already been evident, it’s becoming more of a problem today. Annually there are about 14,000 women who die due to domestic violence-related injuries. A vast amount including 36,000 women and 26,000 children face domestic abuse and violence daily. The aftermath of domestic abuse and violence it can leave children without parents. The view of domestic abuse by their justice system is rather pleasant than harsh. For majority of first-time offenses against a women or child the perpetrator is fined instead of facing a criminal charge and trial. In Russia they’re very more lenient on domestic violence compared to the United States. Domestic is an ongoing issue that resides in Russia and its law and regulations are very unique.

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Since the collapse of communism gender inequality has taken its toll in Russia. Even though there are no barriers with women receiving a higher education, men dominate its society with positions of leadership and in government. Over the years the number of women in politics has declined. The Russian culture has a strong conception of women as they are required to well-groomed with a feminine look. The men carry more of a “I don’t care” look as the culture is more focused on the women’s image. Gender inequality is a problem in almost every country as women are fighting to equal rights.

Overall, there are many social and economic issues that Russia faces currently. Most of its issues look to be consistent over the years due the lack of change from recent years. Putin addressed many problems that the country faced and look to shift Russia’s problems in a positive way. Every country faces the problems that Russia faces and in order to revamp its issues there has to be modifications and adjustments in the government.

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