Glass Menagerie Analysis

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The play that I chose to read was the Glass Menagerie. In this play the main characters were Tom Wingfield and Laura Wingfield, who belonged to Amanda Wingfield and her Husband. The character of Laura is tragic. Her persona has two flaws, and I thought the actress portrayed her convincingly. Laura is crippled, physically, in walking. But she is additionally crippled socially, by means of severe shyness. Her anxiousness leads to a foremost plot development, the rising action in the play: Laura used to be being despatched to the Rubicam Business College to analyze secretarial skills.

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As the play unfolds, Amanda and the audience examine that Laura hasn’t surely been attending the business classes, she couldn’t stand being around unfamiliar people and struggling to learn.

This causes the target audience to experience sympathy for Laura; most of us can relate to being afraid of not fitting in. When the records of her absence from training at the Business College emerge as known, Amanda decides that for the reason that her daughter Laura hasn’t learned a ability to aid herself, Laura have to get married. This leads to the scene that is the climax of the play, the scene in which Jim, the “gentleman caller” Tom arranges to go to Laura, reveals that he is engaged to marry another woman. The ultimate scene in the play used to be very touching, and ordinary the play made me sense that my time invested in listening to this story used to be emotionally rewarding.

I felt frustrated about her kids, and pitiful that her girl Laura, who is injured and all around sincerely delicate, extremely bashful, wanted to humor Amanda and proceed with the “arranged meeting” with Jim. Considering Amanda, the group of onlookers is helped to remember the immortal requirement for familiarity with the real world, and what a wreck it is the point at which somebody won’t bargain with reality of changed conditions and alter. Amanda sees restricted potential outcomes for a lady to prevail throughout everyday life.

She has been injured by the surrender of her better half, and doesn’t believe that Laura can oversee in existence without a spouse or work. Yet, she isn’t ceasing to think about what steps Laura is candidly prepared to take. I’m a girl, and yet I could identify with the character of Laura as much as I could identify with Tom on an individual dimension. My mom and I are very close, and since I live three hours from home, she isn’t on my case like she normally would. In any case, when I was in secondary school and inhabited home, she would dependably be after me about my grades.

I liked reading the play, and writing out this paper. However I thought that it was intriguing to inspect the story, the characters, and where everything drove. We all have a story, or have an influence in a story. This play made me consider quality, shortcoming, and decisions throughout everyday life, aspects of the human condition.

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