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Today’s world is full of so many different cultures and languages; its diversity is continuously increasing, and there is always something new to be learned. One specific example of the variety of the world we live in is the many different holidays and the different people groups that celebrate them. Looking into the different beliefs and traditions of the billions of people around the world show how different life is depending on where someone lives or what people choose to celebrate. For instance, the people of Nicaragua participate in a holiday called Dariana Week. This holiday celebrates the life and work of a poet from that country, which explains why it’s a distinct holiday within that area. However, some people around the world are familiar with this holiday and also enjoy participating in it. This being said, they are not aware of the famous history behind the holiday, who all celebrates it, its purpose, or what takes place during the celebration. Dariana Week is a unique holiday that is worth learning more about.

Dariana Week is a holiday that has been celebrated since 1951, and it takes place each year from January fifth through the eighteenth within the countries that celebrate it. One of the events that occur during this holiday is the Coronation of the Musa Dariana, and the first ever Musa Dariana was Dora Naria Espinoza in 1952. This coronation event is just one occurrence among the many that take place during this week of celebration. Also, along with this week, some countries extend their celebration even further. “In the city of Leon, from January eighteenth through the twentieth, the Ruben Dario International Symposium ‘Rubén Darío:

Mythology and Perpetual Distinction’ takes place.” ( The poet that these events celebrate is a man named Ruben Dario, and this year is the 151 year anniversary of his birth. Without Ruben Dario, there would be no such thing as Dariana Week.

Dariana Week is a celebration of the memory of the universally famous poet, Ruben Dario. Ruben was born in Ciudad Dario on January 18, 1867 and died on February 6, 1916. He lived a very successful life and was well-known around the world for his writing, especially his poetry. He was so accomplished that his great-grandson is a scholar and researcher of the life and work of his great-grandfather. Along with his distant family studying his lifetime of work, national and international guests attend the ceremonies that take place throughout Dariana Week, such as Dr. Steven White who is a professor and poet. Other than people of stature stopping by to pay their respects to the poet, big organizations also take part in showing their support. “The INC together with the Local Committees of Ciudad Dario, Leon, and Managua celebrate Dariana Week with a series of events.” ( These events, which will be discussed later on, serve a specific purpose for the success of this holiday and keep the participants wanting to continue their celebration each year.

Dariana Week is celebrated for many reasons. One purpose of this holiday is to educate young people about culture and literature, which is the main concern of those who partake in the week of events. Dariana Week has a saying that goes along with it and its expectations, which goes as follows, “The heirs of Dario we must keep lit forever the torch that left us forever” ( Not only do the people who participate believe this, but organizations that support Dariana Week aim to keep the torch of knowledge alive within the

youth as well. There are literary workshops that are free of charge that have the purpose of educating and teaching the youth about the path of poetry and literature throughout the world. Not only does Dariana Week celebrate the knowledge of poetry, but it highlights the importance of Ruben Dario and his work, which is a truly inspiring story that can influence anyone, not just the youth, to look at poetry and writing in a new light.

Considering the many purposes of celebrating this holiday, it is understandable that Dariana Week has participants all around the world. A location that is one of the most involved in the celebrations is Ciudad Dario. The festivities that take place here begin with the election of the Musa Dariana, which will be talked about more in the coming paragraphs. Also, poets from nine different countries participate in the poetry competition that Ciudad Dario hosts and these countries are the United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, and Chile. Ciudad Dario does the remarkable, bringing so many countries together for the mass celebration of such a well-appreciated poet, Ruben Dario. Another well-known location that celebrates Dariana Week is Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Nicaragua, in general, is a very involved country when it comes to Ruben Dario and remembering his life, for Leon, Nicaragua is a land full of poetic talent. “In this country, the organizing committee is composed of the mayor-elect, the associations of friends of the Municipal Theater Jose de la Cruz Mena, and more.” ( Leon is not the only city whose mayor’s office is fully supportive of Dariana Week, for Dario City’s municipal mayor’s office is highly encouraging to others for their participation in the week’s events. The involvement of so many countries and their leaders

results in the worldwide celebration that sparks the love of poetry and the memory of Ruben Dario to life.

The number of participants around the world have an abundance of events to participate in to show their support of Dariana Week, but the most popular of them all is the Coronation of the Musa Dariana. This event is a tradition that has taken place since 1952, the second year that this holiday ever existed. “The coronation is one of the most anticipated activities of the celebration.” ( It is very similar to the events of a beauty pageant, for female contestants are lined up across a stage and each of them has the mission to be crowned the lady of Dariana Week. In order to participate in the competition, the contestants wear beautiful gowns and make themselves look presentable by doing their hair and makeup. Along with this, they take turns speaking into a microphone and answering questions. The winner is pronounced at the end of the coronation and the new Musa Dariana is crowned. This activity is extremely special to all of the participants of Darina Week, but many other events take place throughout the week as well.

During the holiday, multiple festivities occur; for example, in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, different activities that take place include recitals, book presentations, and the writing of poems. Also, “different cultural groups perform, and international and regional poetry competitions take place.” ( Ciudad Dario, the birthplace of Ruben Dario, puts on concerts and parades and hosts free literary workshops throughout the week, and on January 18th, a central act is held and the winner of the Ruben Dario International poetry prize is announced.

Another city in Nicaragua, Leon, is also a big contributor in hosting events that celebrate Ruben Dario, for during Dariana Week there are museum visits, folkloric dances, and the Coronation of the Musa Dariana. “The theater Jose de la Cruz Mena conducts a literary symposia that highlights the legacy of Ruben Dario as the glory of Nicaragua.” ( So many individuals participate in the multitude of activities within these cities, but there are some specific people groups that are known to be big fans of Ruben Dario and this holiday.

Among the thousands of people that participate in Dariana Week, a main portion of them include Nicaraguans. “The great majority of Nicaraguans are mestizos, people with both Indian and European ancestors.” (People and Places). The Nicaraguan culture is very unique, for they follow a Spanish-American way of life, and considering this, their main language is Spanish and many of them belong to the Roman Catholic church. The great poet who was Ruben Dario is Nicaraguan himself, so it makes sense that his people would celebrate his life and be proud of everything he accomplished through his work. Another people group that takes part in Dariana Week are poets and fans of Ruben Dario. Not only does the late Dario have thousands of fans, but these fans are of so many different ages. Youthful poets participate in the events of this holiday because of their desire to learn and share. Older poets and intellectuals are exhibitors who enjoy showing others their personal poetic achievements. There is not a specific type of culture or age of people who partake in the celebration, for Ruben Dario’s lifetime of work has touched the lives of millions across the nation.

In conclusion, Dariana Week is a holiday of Nicaraguan culture, but it is also celebrated by thousands of people around the world. This holiday is not the most well-known holiday, but the love of poetry and the appreciation of the work Ruben Dario accomplished is easily detected through the people and the activities that they participate in each year. The main purpose of Dariana Week is to commemorate Ruben Dario, but it does so much more than celebrate the deceased. It brings countries together and creates an unbreakable bond that allows such a unique holiday to be appreciated by the world.

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