College Essay for Admission as a Freshman

My name is Sebastian Buckeridge a native of Jamaica. I came to America on 2012 and that was the turning day of my life. America is the most beautiful country in the world. I was a bit challenged academically back in my native country Jamaica. I was a D student due to the many challenges I faced back there.

United States education system has transformed my academic life. The system has transformed me from a D student to an A student. This fete made it possible to be admitted in the National Honor Society during my eleventh grade. I was active in sports during my middle and high school. I was in my middle school cycling team and did track and field in high school. I am very disciplined something every person around likes about me.

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I am also very hardworking which can be proven by my transformation from a D student to an A student.I have a passion for engineering and that’s the main reason I want to join the university to pursue a mechanical engineering degree. In addition to that I also want to be trained with the diverse people the university community represents. I will strive to work hard to achieve trust and success which is valued by the university. The university offers a scholarly climate to encourage the students to have intellectual curiosity. I believe I will be able to learn a lot since education and research in the mechanical engineering department is intermixed. This will help me to continue to follow path towards engineering excellence.

I believe the university is the best place to nurture the love I have for mechanical engineering.

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