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Campus Housing

Words: 1886 Pages: 6 4039

Strategic Analysis Final A mission statement is defined as the company’s business objective and its approach to reach those objectives. The mission statement the housing firm I currently work for is to provide a full range of on and off-site campus housing via roommates across the united states. Our service empowers select educational partners and […]

Topics: College, Economy, Housing, Student, University

Students and their Career Goals

Words: 943 Pages: 3 1201

People commonly think that college is just a waste of time and money due to the long courses and the expenses. However, many people do not understand is college will “prepare people for life” (Hrabowski). Going to college has been a controversial topic amongst all of society. College is very important for many students and […]

Topics: Career Goals, Education System, Student

Prep is a Story by Curtis Sittenfeld about High School Life

Words: 1430 Pages: 5 943

Prep is a story by Curtis Sittenfeld, that rotates around the main character, Lee Fiora. Ault is located in Massachusetts. The school has also taught both sons and daughters of the wealthiest families on the East Coast. In the story of the main character, who also is the narrator of Prep, Lee Fiora narrates her […]

Topics: Book Review, High School, Student


Words: 593 Pages: 2 4464

Selma gives an account of the American history using dramatic stories of the success of black people. The film is more about the process of political steering through fighting and bargaining of deals which were focused on eradicating racial discrimination. Although some events drawn from the film are not that accurate when compared to the […]

Topics: Social Issues, Student

Problems of the Poor Education System in Sierra Leone

Words: 1482 Pages: 5 1221

Marian Wright Edelman once said, “Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it”. Education is one of the most important things in your life, and most people who have it, take it for granted. Places in Africa like Sierra Leone have little to […]

Topics: Education System, Student
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My Work as a Counselor in High School

Words: 1000 Pages: 3 1012

Technology has become the “go-to” when it comes to endless entertainment, solving any problem imaginable, and even boredom. With technology so readily available, individuals may resort to the internet for quick answers and solutions. For example, going to the doctor is optional now that there are websites like WebMD! While people may not have the […]

Topics: Student, Work

College Essay for Admission as a Freshman

Words: 277 Pages: 1 4108

My name is Sebastian Buckeridge a native of Jamaica. I came to America on 2012 and that was the turning day of my life. America is the most beautiful country in the world. I was a bit challenged academically back in my native country Jamaica. I was a D student due to the many challenges […]

Topics: Student, University

My Academic and Career Goals

Words: 594 Pages: 2 1195

I am submitting this letter and vitae to express my interest in the new, OSEP-funded Ph.D. program in Special Education in the College of Education at the University of South Carolina: Project PROMOTE as a part-time doctoral student with the cohort for the Fall semester of 2019. After earning my master’s degree in Counseling, I […]

Topics: Career Goals, Education System, Student

The Effects of Homeschooling on Children

Words: 1295 Pages: 4 5432

Homeschooling has become a more common practice in recent years. There are more and more parents turning to teach their kids at home. The main reason I decided to dig deeper into this trend is that it hits close to home for me. I have homeschooled my whole life, so naturally, I have some strong […]

Topics: Homeschooling, School, Student

Career Goals to Become a Family Therapist

Words: 429 Pages: 1 1289

My name is Amanda Schill and I am applying to your master’s program in Marriage and Family Therapy for the Fall 2019 semester. I am currently a senior at Weber State University earning my undergraduate degree in Family Studies. I discovered my strength in the business field back in high school. I learned that my […]

Topics: Career Goals, Education System, Student

Student: Drug Abuse, Struggle, and Health Risks.

Words: 786 Pages: 3 4045

Today’s student faces many risks, including drug abuse, struggle, and health risks. Reacting to these risks before they become more serious dilemmas can be difficult. One of the purposes of dealing with drug abuse is to encourage the public to understand the causes of drug abuse and to prevent its onset. Drug abuse has serious […]

Topics: Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Clinical Psychology, Drug, Health, Social Issues, Student, Substance Abuse

A Service-Learning Trip

Words: 465 Pages: 2 1119

In Sally Eden’s “Out of the Comfort Zone” student’s essays emphasize how being pushed out of their comfort zone forced them to be more proactive, tackle unfamiliar activities, and develop emotionally. It emphasizes the importance of higher education institutions supporting work-based learning outside of the classroom. Likewise, in Brian Starks “Outside the Comfort Zone of […]

Topics: Analysis, Service Learning, Student

Alternatives to Aptitude Testing

Words: 618 Pages: 2 4050

Aptitude test happens to be a good test for measuring student’s intellectual capabilities and the social aspect, however, I deeply believe that it’s not an entirely comprehensive test to use to lock out students for admission into higher education institutions. Just like I said, it’s a good test, but I have my misgivings on why […]

Topics: Behavior Modification, Learning, Research, Student

What Kind of Student are you

Words: 804 Pages: 3 6216

During my work at the university, I have formed images of the main types of students, I present them to your attention. Erudite. This is the rarest type, but the most interesting. Such a student has above-average intelligence, learning is easy for him, while he likes to learn, and he is not lazy to do […]

Topics: Communication, Higher Education, Learning, Student, Teacher

Living on Campus and Living at Home

Words: 446 Pages: 1 4180

The decision to live on or off campus can completely change the student experience you get. How do you choose which is best for you? Living on-campus and self-renting off-campus have their advantages. Think about your personal needs and requirements, and what is truly effective in your practice. Need a custom essay on the same […]

Topics: Communication, Housing, Human Nature, Social Institutions, Space, Student

Rich College Tuition

Words: 492 Pages: 2 1223

Although the time of the university is a pleasant moment and exciting experience for the majority, the student is not exempt from the points of everyday life. The situation of each student is unique. But there are problems that these students face at least once during their years of schooling. When you go to college, […]

Topics: College Tuition, Education System, Student

Living in a Dorm Vs Living at Home

Words: 804 Pages: 3 3729

Analysts have shown that understudies who live nearby have a total GPAs which are 5% higher than other understudies who live off grounds. Furthermore, living in a dorm will permit understudies to set up additional enduring fellowships. Notwithstanding, when understudies live at home, they can’t ask their mother or father on the grounds that their […]

Topics: Autonomy, Human Nature, Social Institutions, Student

Saving Money for College Tuition

Words: 449 Pages: 1 1412

Senior year is a challenging year to for many students. The work isn’t the only issue students face.Students are at an age, where responsibilities and making decisions are falling into play. One of those decisions is College. Applying first and then stressing about the acceptance letter coming in the mail. High Schools pushes that decision […]

Topics: College Tuition, Education System, Student

Why i Want to be a School Counselor

Words: 439 Pages: 1 4232

School counselors, otherwise called direction counselors, assume a fundamental part that upholds understudy achievement, study hall viability and in general school concordance. The term school guide can be utilized extensively to characterize some advising jobs in a school setting.  Despite the fact that there are numerous jobs to browse, the means to turning into a […]

Topics: Learning, Pedagogy, Social Issues, Student

My College Tuition Payment

Words: 447 Pages: 1 1486

I am extremely honored to be the recipient of this year’s Businesswoman of the Year award, sponsored by the Springfield Chamber of Commerce. I am truly humbled, as well, to be standing here in the company of all of the other nominees, who are all deserving of recognition for their achievements. I am grateful to […]

Topics: College Tuition, Education System, Student

Defense Policy

Words: 684 Pages: 2 4023

This essay represents the first phase of a multi-year collaborative essay initiative of the Association of Ontario. The essay is designed to develop a picture of a pass away from the secondary moments to college. As a matter of fact, the main aim of this essay is to identify secondary schools students perceptions of the […]

Topics: College, Secondary School, Student

Student’s Living in Low-Income Housing

Words: 2381 Pages: 8 4037

Abstract This paper contains a review of several pieces of literature that relate to the relationship between living in low income communities such as: public housing; housing communities for low income families; and areas in which families living in poverty reside, and the effects it has on those families’ students’ academic performance. Socioeconomic factors play […]

Topics: Academic Achievement, Housing, Human Nature, Mental Health, Poverty, Student

Funds for College Tuition

Words: 442 Pages: 1 1323

In 1965, 17-year-old Fred Deluca was looking for a way to raise funds for his college tuition. Upon the advice of a close friend and a $1000 loan, he decided to open up a small sandwich shop named “Pete’s Super Submarines” in Milford, Connecticut. It wasn’t until the opening of his 3rd store, the first […]

Topics: College Tuition, Education System, Student

Analyzing the Secrets of Improving Grades in College

Words: 1201 Pages: 4 3803

Introduction New students in college have to adjust to the college life where no one directs one on what he or she should do at a particular time. This paper is aimed at analyzing the secrets of improving grades in college and the secrets of surviving college. The first secret of improving grades (PLA-2) in […]

Topics: College, Confidence, Student

The Cost of College Tuition

Words: 1035 Pages: 3 1208

Fighting the cost of college tuition is a hot topic these days. As long as I can remember, tuition has always been a reason why most people don ‘t pursue their bachelor’s or even associate degree. Today ‘s society has changed students are fighting for grants, financial aid, and even loans to pay through school. […]

Topics: College Tuition, Education System, Student

The Reasons for your Speech and the Goals you Hope to Achieve

Words: 548 Pages: 2 1088

I did not acknowledge when I started facing diverse experiences in life, leaving behind the monotonous life. As an inexperienced high school student counselor, it was not easy for me to maintain a class full of ninety-four students and handle all other works. My high school was in Bangladesh; therefore, it was quite different from […]

Topics: Student, United States

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