What Kind of Student are you

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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What Kind of Student are you

This reflective essay will explore the author’s own identity as a student. It will discuss their learning style, strengths and weaknesses, academic interests, and attitudes towards education. The piece will consider the factors that influence their approach to learning, such as personal experiences, motivation, and educational environment. It will also reflect on how these attributes shape their academic and personal growth. PapersOwl showcases more free essays that are examples of Communication.

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During my work at the university, I have formed images of the main types of students, I present them to your attention.

  • Erudite. This is the rarest type, but the most interesting. Such a student has above-average intelligence, learning is easy for him, while he likes to learn, and he is not lazy to do it. He can ask tricky questions that mature in his head thanks to an inquiring mind. It is because of the presence of such a student in the group that the teacher is always in good shape, often looks into reference materials, prepares more carefully for the lesson.
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    But communication with him is a real pleasure.

  • Formalist. It occurs quite often, it is usually female. This is an intelligent and hardworking student, but he completes assignments not because he likes the subject, but because he needs to. He is very disciplined and used to a constant work schedule. I am amazed at such students, they are always ready, where do they find time for this? At the same time, they do not look like nerds.
  • Mediocre. Such a student is distinguished by a mediocre attitude towards learning. He attends classes because he needs to get a diploma, but he does not make any effort to master the profession, he does only the minimum so that he does not get expelled from the university, often it consists in “rubbing his pants.” He is usually not stupid, his knowledge is very mediocre.
  • Interested in. A student of any type can move to this category. These are the students who like the subject they are studying, and they study because they are passionate, not because they have to. It happens that a student is passionate about one subject and attends only it, it happens that if he is a formalist, then he does others out of necessity, and does one for the soul.
  • Silly you. A student who is stupid in everyday life and has not yet figured out how everything works around where he got to, does not know how to quickly navigate in a difficult situation. For him, the deduction is more real than for anyone else.
  • Impenetrable. This man seemed to have built an armor around himself, it is impossible to reach him. He decided in advance that he did not need this subject and did not perceive any information in pairs, but attends, just sits, writes down, and leaves anyway with what he came without having mastered the new knowledge.
  • Tired. This student is tired due to the fact that he studied hard at school/college/technical school and now he has no strength left for further education, or he is just such a person, tired of life. It is also impossible to reach such a person, he does not perceive new information.
  • Busy. Such a student has a lot of things to do outside the classroom, it can be work, hobbies, personal life, social life at the university, in which he is involved, or something else. These are usually intelligent and energetic students, but they practically do not go to pairs, they close the session only thanks to the previously acquired knowledge in a secondary (/ special) educational institution.
  • An outspoken bummer. This is all laziness, unless it’s not lazy to lie on the couch. He is usually expelled sooner or later, only if someone constantly “does not kick” him to study, for example, parents or friends, then he receives his fully three-point diploma, but he himself does not strive for anything.
  • Modest. This is usually a quiet, modest guy, regularly visits couples, performs the necessary tasks, but is not talkative, he will not say anything, if not asked, little is known about him.
  • Suck up. Most often female, but there are also guys. It is believed that a higher grade is ensured through a good relationship with the teacher, from them you can usually hear plenty of compliments, and on the exam, in the case of a troban, abuse.
  • I am the best! These are students with high self-esteem, they look down on not only their classmates, but also consider the teacher to be below myself. At the same time, they regularly raise their self-esteem and themselves in the eyes of others by lowering those around them, innocent people. It is interesting to watch such people from the outside, they are usually charismatic personalities, but being involved in interaction with them is akin to pouring a tub of dirt on you.

These are, in my opinion, the main types of modern students.
What kind of student are you? Do you study because you need to or because you like it? But what if you only study what is interesting? In other subjects, credit cannot be obtained, and therefore, a diploma of higher education and related benefits …

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