The Reasons for your Speech and the Goals you Hope to Achieve

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Updated: Jun 29, 2022
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I did not acknowledge when I started facing diverse experiences in life, leaving behind the monotonous life. As an inexperienced high school student counselor, it was not easy for me to maintain a class full of ninety-four students and handle all other works. My high school was in Bangladesh; therefore, it was quite different from the schools in the USA. There was a rule in my school that anyone who will do the top result in the class has to be a student counselor for two years.

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I was one of the lucky persons who got the opportunity. Besides being a class representative, as a member of the student counselor club— I used to help to host different kinds of cultural and religious programs, sports, and publishing magazines. Although it was not an easy job, I experienced a lot of things that helped me to prepare for a college.

As soon as I finished high school, I moved to the USA as a permanent resident. Even though the environment and the language were new for me, I admitted to Georgia State University quite easily. I chose computer science as my major although, I was not determined to study in this field. In the meantime, I had to move to New York with my family and transferred to Queen’s College. At the end of the last fall semester, I decided to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting while I was continuing my study in Queen’s college as an undecided major.

I chose a major in accounting because I took two accounting classes in high school which was really fun for me, and I used to get high scores. However, I wanted to admit to a college where I would able to earn a quick bachelor’s and a master’s degree in accounting with a minor. After researching carefully, I found Leonard N. Stern School of Business gives exclusive offers to their undergraduate business major. I was impressed to find that NYU not only offers to earn a master’s degree in only one extra summer but also prepares students eligible to take CPA exams in the spring of senior year. On the other hand, to earn a master’s degree, I have to study two whole years at Queens College. I do not want to spend two years to earn a master’s degree where there is already an opportunity to earn it quickly. I also learned that NYU offers to take electives and minors for a business major. By attending NYU, I hope to become an excellent accountant and make the best use of these offers that it provides.

My reasons for transferring are almost entirely academic. I have met some wonderful professors and friends at Queen’s college. However, I do have one other reason for being interested in NYU. I originally applied to Queens College because it is nearby my house with a community of Asian people. But, I am looking forward to experience places that are not quite so familiar. As my transcript shows, I have done well at Queens College and Georgia State University, and I believe I can meet the academic challenges of NYU. I am determined to prepare myself with the best possible opportunities that NYU gives and reach my goal.

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