My College Tuition Payment

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Updated: Jun 21, 2022
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I am extremely honored to be the recipient of this year’s Businesswoman of the Year award, sponsored by the Springfield Chamber of Commerce. I am truly humbled, as well, to be standing here in the company of all of the other nominees, who are all deserving of recognition for their achievements.

I am grateful to have been recognized for my work. I have faced many challenges and I have fought my way through adversity along the way, but each of these challenges only strengthened my character and my resolve to become the best I can be. As a result, today I am a woman who knows exactly what she wants to achieve; a woman who sets goals and does not let go of those goals until she has achieved them.

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As the first member of my family to go to college, it wasn’t always an easy road to travel. While attending night classes, I also had to hold down a full-time job during the day to pay my family’s bills and to help pay my college tuition. Once I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, I still had a long road ahead of me. Starting my own business was difficult, and I faced many obstacles, failures and setbacks along the way. There were times when I didn’t think I had the strength to go on, but I stayed focused on my goals and I powered through. I didn’t do it without help at the beginning of my journey, however, and I couldn’t do it without help today, either. This award would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of those who have taken this journey with me and helped me so immeasurably along the way: my colleagues, for their hard work and dedication to my cause; my family and friends, for their ongoing support and for allowing me to believe it was possible, and even my rivals, who, whether they know it or not, challenged me to keep going when the going was toughest! From all of you, I have received the inspiration and support I needed to achieve my dreams, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My sincere thanks also to the Springfield Chamber of Commerce and to each one of you for helping me to be here tonight, proudly receiving this award as a mark of my hard work and achievements. For me, this award is not the end of my journey; it is only the beginning. I promise to keep working hard and to do my very best, and I hope to see you all here next year!

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