Being a STEM Student Summary

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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When looking at which area to work in, STEM seems like the most beneficial option due to all of its advantages. The STEM branch is dedicated to the different sciences, and engineering. STEM jobs are being described as those for technology and the support in them.

Being a part of the STEM branch guarantees more career security, a chance to work in a diverse area, and a high pay. In recent years studies have shown that the employment growth has and will continue to expand for those who have STEM or STEM related jobs.

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Although there is employment, there is also the unemployed group that hopefully will be going down due to the demand of STEM in our world when compared to those of other jobs not related to STEM. STEM is made up of many types of work areas that all impact our world, in recent years it has been noted that it is divided into 4 main groups. The four groups being: computer and math, engineering and surveying, physical and life sciences, and STEM managerial occupations; with computer and math containing the most based on world demand for advancements in technology. Due to the demand of more STEM jobs there has been a significant increase in employment and earnings. Employments for STEM or STEM related jobs have increased greatly compared to the increase in other jobs. Earnings for those in the STEM field are also higher than those in a non-STEM field. It has been shown that even with an education recognition as basic as a high school diploma guarantees a higher pay than jobs in a non-STEM area.

The final result has been that STEM workers receive large earnings even with less than a college degree compared to other jobs. The truth is that the education level a worker has when working in a STEM field doesn’t matter what type it is because studies show that they earn higher payment than those with the same education level but in a non-STEM job. When one starts to think about choosing the field to work in, you have to consider your past interests. That’s why it has been shown that those choosing a STEM degree usually are led to a STEM job. Although some that choose a STEM degree sometimes don’t go for a STEM job. As announced before, STEM workers earn significantly more than those in non-STEM jobs; but what about those with STEM degrees working in non-STEM jobs? The ones with STEM degrees even when not working in a STEM job have been noticed to still receive a better pay than others. All these benefits from STEM sound great, but there are still those that don’t have jobs. As said before, the demand of STEM advancements have contributed to the decrease in STEM unemployment. Part of the reason why STEM workers are being needed more and more is because of their educational attainment. It has been demonstrated that those usually working in STEM field have a bachelor’s degree or higher which makes them seem like a bigger asset to those hiring.

In the conclusion, the development we have experienced in our world has been accomplished by those working in the STEM area. The STEM work field has changed our nation’s way of living specially our economic ways. All of the studies and searches done have demonstrated that STEM is the future, and it will change our world for the better.   

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