Alternatives to Aptitude Testing

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Aptitude test happens to be a good test for measuring student’s intellectual capabilities and the social aspect, however, I deeply believe that it’s not an entirely comprehensive test to use to lock out students for admission into higher education institutions. Just like I said, it’s a good test, but I have my misgivings on why it’s not good enough. The Australian higher education depends mostly on this test for admission which I believe is responsible for locking out a big number of students since this test isn’t comprehensive enough.

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First I would love to look at the reason why I feel the tool has been deemed effective, after all, I didn’t fully discredit it. Aptitude test is very effective in measuring intellectual capabilities like thinking, reasoning, logical and analytical reasoning (Kirkup, C. et al,2010) Measure both cognitive and non-cognitive aspects of a person which include a person’s personality.

However one might ask why I strongly oppose the use of aptitude test. I have a number of demerits associated with the use of aptitude test. An aptitude test does not have artistic and creative measurement levels thus this may result in the art student being left out. Aptitude tests disadvantage students from lower socioeconomic status since its been researched that such students tend to sore low on aptitude test but it doesn’t mean they are less even better reason why I am against aptitude test is that research from American universities have revealed that most commonly applied tests only have moderate power to predict university success, thus an effective tool for evaluation. There is no substantial evidence to show that aptitude test provides information to identify with the potential to benefit from higher education whose ability is not adequately reflected in their prior attainments.

So in my argument, I suggest the use of other effective tools that could replace aptitude testing. First in the list is the use of dynamic test (Rudman, H.C. 1989). This is a very comprehensive test tool which is a merge between learning and testing. The test has five steps for testing which comprise pretest, mediation, revision and post-test. This procedure can be tailor-made to suit students gaining entry I to the higher education institution. The effectiveness of this tool lies in its ability to measure both current student’s current performance but also students learning potential which could be referred to as the ability to absorb and integrate instructions.

The other thing I will propose is the reliance on achievements test directly related to the high school curriculum. This is necessary to look at the gradual learning and attainment of a student in the previous test. The use of a single test does not reflect the student’s full ability.

Finally, I would advise the dropping of standardized test score to restrict admission into higher education institution. This is because research has shown not much difference between higher gaps and students who did not do the test. The test score is only but a limiting factor to many students who could gain entry into universities and do better.

So in conclusion, from my argument, we have seen how aptitude test is limited in its measure as a comprehensive means of measure. The more comprehensive test should be embraced in order to enhance equity in the admission of students in the higher education institutions


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