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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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For every student who complains that drug testing is an invasion of his or hers privacy we can show you a hundred parents who have lost their children to drugs. With drug testing students get a safe place where they can learn. Even the teachers are better off with this, because with less drugs schools are much safer. Should High School students or even college students be routinely tested for drug use? Before you answer think about this as a highschool student, your already under the legal age. You can’t purchase alcohol, and most still aren’t of age to purchase cigarettes, therefore you shouldn’t be doing drugs to begin with. But what if you’re a college student, who is the legal age to consume and use drugs, should they still be tested for drug use? Mr. Chief Justice and May it please the Court this case is about the Students Rights to be drug tested even of a legal age. Being drug tested will bother the people, but it may be able to stop a commotion when College or High School students are listening and working on their work. Most people should know how incompetent a person can get when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and now since 2002 the use of drugs have been worsening it makes school problems much worse.

Mostly every, middle schoolers to college students, have encountered or seen someone use drugs, under the influence of a drug, or selling the drug. Drug problems has increased from 44 percent to 61 percent since 2002 a NBC NEWS reporter wrote. The use of drugs in middle school went from 19 percent to 31 percent, nearly a 20 percent difference, and that’s just for middle schoolers, who aren’t supposed to be near drugs. The survey of 1,063 students were done and only 13 percent have admitted that they have tried marijuana, but the choice of revealing if they have done it is the students choice so they can not be sure of the number. Students also need to understand that there is no punishment, if they are tested positive the results are not sent to colleges or law enforcement. The whole purpose of drug testing is to help the student get a better idea on what drugs can do to you and counseling. As for drug testing among students being fair, I think they all already know the answer “”Don’t Do Drugs””, if you don’t do drugs, then there’s no way you can fail a drug test.

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Drug abuse is a huge problem around the world that makes some drug users the main victims. Drug abuse can really affect the physical and mental downfall, it can actually be very serious especially if the human brain isn’t fully developed yet, which most teens and even college students brains aren’t. Using drug testing for students in school is clearly to protect them, but most of them don’t understand this because they see that it is an invasion of privacy which is provided with the 4th amendment. This may affect it if the student did the drug outside of school hours since it is none of the school business of what they do during that time but the school rules are different and are doing it for the well-being of the student and for the rest of the students attending the school since it only takes 1 person to convince someone to do something that can get them addicted to a drug. Then it comes back to College students using marijuana during school hours, they are of legal age, they have full rights to use the drug, but using it will always and forever will hurt the person using it and it also distracts the person and others from doing classwork and homework and during these years they should be focusing on their education to get a well life in the future.

Testing students of drug use is also very useful since a teacher, counselor or any staff can at least help them with their problems and slowly rid the habit of using such harmful drugs. Since most teens don’t know or don’t care about the effects it can do to the human body the adults will teach them. The “”Leave No Child Behind Act of 2001″” allows schools to use federal education funds for student drug testing. This is a low-cost method meant to help our children’s future. A great example would be Hunterdon Central Regional High School in New Jersey,after two years of drug testing the school had a decline in 20 of the 28 categories of drug use in the whole student population. Many students don’t have to worry about feeling embarrassed as well since all information will be kept from being revealed to anyone. All information is seen by a physician who is medically trained in the field so the chances of being falsely accused will not happen. You can’t always shy away from these things, at least once in your life you will experience a doctor or work place to do a urine test, which is completely normal and is just a way to check you health.

In conclusion the use of drug testers isn’t much of a threat as students see them as, the only reason they may not want to cooperate is probably because they themselves do some kind of drug and don’t want anyone else to know. As said though, all these things will be personal and won’t ever be exposed to the public eyes they will only be seen by professional health teams who have experience in these kinds of things. So being embarrassed isn’t an option when you can trust someone who has been doing something most of their lives and are professionals. Schools who have a vast majority of students who are under the influence of drugs are the places they should be, not enforcing, but trying to help the students there, these schools are mostly around places like small towns and valleys, or as some people would call them, poor places, which there are a lot of in America alone, imagine around the world.

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