What are some Solutions to Drug Abuse?

Nowadays, many people have thought that drugs are viable solution for personal problems or any other situations that affect the life of a person, but eventually, if a person reads the words drugs, it becomes a real problem in the current society. Therefore, there are factors that expose the drugs as an issue in the society. How can we understand this point?

First, the abuse of different substances and drugs are one of the most common situations that teenagers and Young adults tend to follow when they want to leave the problems. The world has shown different cases about people who ruined their life due to the aggressive abuse of drugs like famous singers, actors, among others. Consequently, people who have been fans for years feel a Little disappointment.

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Second, the society are not accustomed to deal with this kind of positive vision about drugs. If we talk about the vision of health problems, some people decide to start consuming in a stage of the life where they feel they do not have any solutions. Moreover, it is commonly seen that many people taking drugs like nicotine, alcohol, marijuana or other type of drug.

Thirdly, when people talk about drugs they often think that drugs are not a solution or are not a good way to face problems, but in most of the cases drugs are not for relaxing. Likewise, it helps to struggle against diseases such as cancer and also relives bone diseases. (magazine time, 2006)

In contrast, it s important to mention that drugs other affect parts of the body, especially related to cognitive skills that is connected to the attention and the concentration. The excessive consumption of drugs will also deteriorate the nervous system and make people become more violent and unfriendly. Therefore, and for many reasons, it is not a good idea to have an excessive consumption of drugs.

As a conclusion, the most important question is related to the impact that drugs are establishing in our society. Some people think that drugs are amazing, and others have a different point regarding the strengthens and weaknesses. In addition it is important to know the reasons why people are close to the consumption of drugs.

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