Why Everyone Deserves the Chance to Go to University

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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(H)Going to college is very important, it can help you get a degree and a job. (B)Many people are able to be successful without college, but some also are not. So many americans struggle to pay for college, and student debt rates are increasing each year, and is becoming a very big issue for many americans. (TH)Free college Education allows more people to attend college, get a job, and save money.(T)Many people can’t afford to pay for college, and many people aren’t able to get a career job.

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According to www.wsj.com, (IQE)“Millions of americans, from the poorest all the way to the upper middle class, struggle to pay for college”, they also state (IQE)“Parents go into debt, their children go into, everyone works harder and longer.” Many people will also be able to attend college. Free college education can help people attend college,  get a career job, and save money. (TR)Many people can’t afford college, and many others reach debt in the middle of college. Paying for college is a major issue for many people. (T)College also affects people’s future and career jobs. Many people aren’t able to reach or pursue their dreams as easily without college.

According to wsj.com (IQE)“The idea that degrees are becoming less valuable is also mistaken.” They also say (IQE)“States should aim for a tuition free funding models for everyone” Another website (Pros, Cons and alternatives) also states (IQE)“During the 2012-2013 school year alone, about 10 million college students took out student loans (a 66-percent increase from a decade earlier).2” (E)So many people struggle to pay for college. (TR)Everyone should be able to attend college and not have to go into debt. Everyone should have an opportunity and chance to go to college.So many people struggle to pay for college. Many people want to go to college. (TR)Everyone should be able to attend college and not have to go into debt. Everyone should have an opportunity and chance to go to college.

(ACC)Although many people think college education should be free, many people think it shouldn’t. Those who disagree find that free college will affect the economy, many also think that free college wouldn’t be fair for educators, or other people part of the education department.(R) But many people still won’t be able to finish college or even attend it. To many people, college is like a dream. (I)With free college education, More people will be able to attend college, and with the fact that many people will be able to achieve their dream job with a higher education from college, will mean a better life for many. (Q)Going to college will give you a higher education/ depending on where you are attending, and with a higher education, you will be able to do more things with your job, and have a better understanding of what they are doing. (E)College education is an important part of life for many people, and could change they way they do things and how they live. (SU)College will affect many people’s future, help them get their dream jobs, and help save them money.  (RE)Free college will allow more people to be able to attend, help the get a professional/ dream job, and will give people more opportunities. (SR)Everyone should be able to go to college. (CALL)More people will be able to attend college, have more opportunities, and get a career job.

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