Reaching for the American Dream

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The American dream is a dream that many people tend to wonder about. People are curious to know if it really does exist, is the dream attainable and what can be done to reach it. The American dream is about working hard and achieving the life style that one wants without struggling. In todays world, the American dream is still about success however, the avenues available to reach it differ. There is no equal opportunity so many barriers exist that prevents Americans from reaching it.

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The two articles that I read are “Reviving the American Dream” and “Bring Back the American Dream? It’s not that hard”.  Both articles expressed mutual concerns of improving education for all and also improving the economic success of families. These two ideas combined takes steps in to reaching the American dream. In the article “Reviving the American Dream” by Elizabeth Warren and Bill de Blasio, the authors believed that education plays a major role in accomplishing the American Dream.  Warren and Blasio states that “everyone can get a great education without drowning in debt”. If free education was available to all there wouldn’t be any debt which would no longer hurt those who are already struggling financially. Students would them have more money for investing and saving. Due to debt like student loans, many students don’t further there education although they would like to. I think that decision of education shouldn’t be based on money. It should be free for everyone. In the article, “Bring Back the American Dream”, Isabell Sawhill explains that “expanded preschool, higher standards, greater accountability, better teachers, and more lifelong learning” would be beneficial to the education system”. I believe that world is constantly changing so education makes it is accessible to stay up-to-date with new practices and skills. Both ideas of Sawhill, Warren and Blasio makes perfect sense. The authors were effective in identifying the problem of education and providing a solution for it.

Another similarity between the articles is improving the economic success of families. Warren emphasizes that ,”when the economy works for everyone, consumers have money to spend at businesses, and when businesses have more customers, they build more factories, hire more workers and sell more products – and the economy grows”. With economic success, families are able to provide more for their family and are able to live more comfortably and secure. Stability will become more a major factor with implementing this idea. Stronger and better paying jobs must be created for Americans (Sawhill). Warren and Blasio also discusses how incorporating paid leave would allow parents to experience the best of both worlds. It would allow parents to continue to get paid but also enjoy time with their families without having to worry about the missed working hours they aren’t taking. In my opinion, when a family has economic success the generations after them are likely to have the same as well. With both education and economic success, Americans would then have an equal opportunity to reach the American dream.

The tone of both authors seems to be concerned but they are somewhat hopeful of the future. Although both authors shared similarities they also had other strategy and their own differences with reaching the American dream. In the article, Sawhill also speaks of how decreasing debt would also be beneficial to Americans. With the reduction of debt, Americans would have more money for savings, investing and would be able to create that financial security that they’ve been dreaming of. Another strategy not mentioned in both articles are focusing on future innovations. According to Warren and Blasio, “investments in medical and scientific research let us build whole new industries and give us the chance to create good jobs right here in America”. I believe this is a major key because America is continually growing and more jobs will be needed. Future innovations would be a movement for America. It would also bring about new, faster and simpler products making living much better.

In conclusion, amongst reading both articles, I have developed a stronger but different idea about the American dream. In my opinion, the American dream is about reaching success whether that’s through education, the economy, reduced debt or through future innovations. I feel that every American should be afforded the equal opportunity to reach it the dream the same way. I believe that deep down we all deserve the American dream and should be able to get to it with very few to little barriers. The American dream use to be an ideology however it can be possible. Generations before us have struggled and future generations should no longer have to experience that. Change won’t come about easily but it is needed for America. “The American Dream depends on it” (Warren and Blasio).

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