Unemployment in the Country

An adage says “an idle hand is a devil’s workshop”. The enormous growth of unemployment in our society today calls for alarm, and it is expedient for all nations to figure out what leads to this great dilemma. Unemployment has messed up our society because of three major factors, such as increase in population, lack of encouragement for self-employment, and change in technology.

One of the major causes of unemployment is increase in population. Increase in population is an event experienced when the number of people in a particular place exceeds the available resources to sustain them sufficiently. The number of people who are seeking employment is daily increasing, and it is more burdensome to make jobs available for all these large number of job seekers. For example, if a government project is projected to cover 50,000 unemployed people in next five years, the increase in population before that time will leave other set of people unemployed. A situation like this makes demands for job to be more than the available jobs. Undoubtedly, all these will end up in increased number of unemployed people. The unemployment condition will linger as long as the demand and supply gap persists. This is currently happening in Asian countries.

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Another cause of unemployment is lack of encouragement for self-employment. Many popular industries we see today are products of self-employment. If governments don’t encourage people by providing what they need to be self-employed, unemployment will definitely persist. Nigeria, for instance, is a country blessed with talented young people, but she doesn’t encourage the talented young ones by providing constant electricity which is vital in self-employment. When vocational skills are tagged tuition free, many will learn to be self-employed which will turn out to put unemployment to flight. Our system of education has failed in developing or encouraging the zeal of self-employment among our youths. When self-employment is not encouraged, unemployment will remain.

Finally, unemployment is not just caused by increase in population and lack of encouragement for self-employment alone but also caused by the change in technology (advanced technology). This is a situation whereby technology has advanced and begins to compete with man. A typical example is when a firm lays off machinery workers and substitutes them with robots. There is need for workers to add more knowledge and skills in order for them not to be replaced by the advanced technology. Those that don’t surpass the function of the advanced technology will ultimately become unemployed at the end. Labor saving machine is another example of what industries are using in place of man in order to maximize production and profit. As technology is changing, it is also changing other things.

To sum up, causes of unemployment vary from country to country, and its effects include psychological and financial problem. The major causes of unemployment are increase in population, lack of encouragement for self-employment, and change in technology. Unemployment has totally become a major problem which affects our community. Therefore, countries should construct more industries so as to give more opportunities to meet the needs of the increased population. They should also minimize the involvement of the advanced technology that replaces man and encourage self-employment.

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