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Ecology Essays

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We Need to Protect Endangered Animals

Words: 776 Pages: 3 9765

   The issue of Endangered Animals is important because Healthy ecosystems depend on animal species as their foundations and ‘’The American tourism industry is dependent on plant and animal species and their ecosystems for their multi-billion dollar, job-intensive industry’’(Endangered Species Coalition). This issue is debatable because while some believe that once the animals that are […]

Topics: Conservation, Ecology, Ecosystem, Endangered Species, Extinction, Wildlife

Deforestation of Rainforests and the Effects on the Environment

Words: 964 Pages: 3 5085

Rainforests, some of the most beautiful places in the world are home to about half of the worlds land biodiversity and stores a fifth of the world’s fresh water. Rainforests are where we get a lot of the resources we need, for example a great amount plants we need to make our medicines come from […]

Topics: Biodiversity, Deforestation, Ecology, Ecosystem, Forest, Natural Environment, Rainforest

Deforestation: an Increasing Problem Around the World

Words: 578 Pages: 2 4216

Tyriq: Hi I’m Tyriq FreemanChristopher:  And I’m Christopher HorneTyriq: Deforestation is a big problem and is leading to our most beloved animals to become extinct.Christopher: Deforestation happens on a daily basis which means habitats of animals are being destroyed on a daily basis and later die.Tyriq: According to the Rainforest Action Network, an area of […]

Topics: Amazon Rainforest, Deforestation, Ecology, Forest, Natural Environment, Natural Resources, Rainforest

Deforestation and the Economy

Words: 953 Pages: 3 4012

During this century it has become quite evident that, we are causing such a great travesty to our dear mother earth. It has been shown that if we as it’s inhabitants don’t take care of her she won’t have much to give us in return. In specific I am talking about our natural resources such […]

Topics: Amazon Rainforest, Deforestation, Ecology, Natural Environment

Ocean Life in the Condition of Climate Change

Words: 3050 Pages: 10 2243

Introduction The Great Barrier reef is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It is considered one of the most magnificent natural sights in the world. It is located off the northeast coast of Australia, off the coast of Queensland. The Great Barrier Reef spans about 1800 miles and it can be up […]

Topics: Ecology, Environmental Science, Water
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Environmental Sustainability through Homoeopathy

Words: 1449 Pages: 5 4274

Abstract “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed”. As per this famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi the Mother Nature provides us for all our necessitated needs and even more than that. But undue exploitation of the natural resources by humans permanently damages the Earth’s Environmental Ecology. This in turn […]

Topics: Ecology, Ecosystem, Health, Natural Environment, Pollution, Sustainability

The Leadership in Medicine

Words: 701 Pages: 2 1901

Over the years the medicine the challenge has been to maintain health, the way to save human life and how to prolong the life. But the ecology it´s present when the environment affects directly to the health of the mankind. One of the most concerning it´s the constantly increase of diseases caused by the contamination, […]

Topics: Ecology, Health, Public Health

Artificial Intelligence in Society

Words: 1422 Pages: 5 4743

Throughout history evolution has played a large role in the development of society. For the most part, organisms have been locked in toward a certain level of intelligence. Species develop and improve overtime and each species finds their role in the ecosystem. However, there is one exception: AI. This is because there is no limit […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Consciousness, Ecology, Intelligence

Impacts of COVID-19 on Climate Change

Words: 1991 Pages: 7 12493

When the GDP decreases, so does the carbon dioxide emissions. One significant event that is emphasized is the Great Recession in 2009. As GDP tremendously dropped in 2009, you can see emissions dropping as well. With people losing their jobs, the need to commute also decreased. So people weren’t purchasing gasoline for their cars. With […]

Topics: Climate change, Ecology

Stereotypes: Dangerous and Harmful Things

Words: 1143 Pages: 4 5242

Introduction This paper will examine whether or not the argument for stereotyping is a valid reason for treating someone a specific way. Stereotyping can be a dangerous and very hurtful thing that can damage not only the person it is directed toward, but it can also damage the person whose perspective is askew. This harmful […]

Topics: Ecology, Motivation, Social Norm, Stereotypes

Potential and Danger of Globalization

Words: 1667 Pages: 6 3868

Environmental harms generated by mining companies of the global North causes an unequal distribution of power over land in the Shuar and Achuar territories of the Ecuadorian Amazon, or the global South. Race, class and other socio-economic inequalities intersect with environmental issues flawlessly in this region. It has long been known that low-income families of […]

Topics: Ecology, Globalization, Indigenous People, Sustainability

Deforestation in Tropical Rainforests

Words: 602 Pages: 2 3942

Deforestation is a growing issue that completely removes the amount of tree cover in specified areas all around the world (Angelsen, 1995). It comes in a variety of forms and can be found in pretty much any forest, based on its location. Although many things may lead to the cause of deforestation, nobody knows exactly […]

Topics: Amazon Rainforest, Deforestation, Ecology, Forest, Global Warming, Natural Environment

Large-Scale Deforestation in Amazon

Words: 2645 Pages: 9 4441

Large-scale deforestation, or forest clearing, has been understood for years to cause great loss in biodiversity (Foley et. al 2007). Within the Amazon Rainforest specifically, deforestation is a huge issue that has many hidden ramifications often overlooked by policymakers. According to the authors of “Amazonia revealed: forest degradation and loss of ecosystem goods and services […]

Topics: Amazon Rainforest, Biodiversity, Deforestation, Ecology, Human Impact On The Environment, Natural Environment, Research

Deforestation in Brazil

Words: 549 Pages: 2 4310

Each year more and more forest land is depleting because of deforestation and eventually it will all be gone. The Earth is about 30% tropical forest and will continue to decrease if we do not do anything. Deforestation is the removal of forest and other land where there are lots of vegetation that are being […]

Topics: Deforestation, Ecology, Forest, Natural Environment, Natural Resources

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