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Environmental Impact Essays

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Is Global Warming a Hoax?

Words: 586 Pages: 2 5745

Introduction As people, we can be privileged to all sorts of opinions. This creates the possibility of many controversies. Much like the argument Is Global warming a hoax? This is one of the most famous controversies happening around the world today. This dispute isn’t just between the average person, scientist themselves disagreeing among one another. […]

Topics: Environmental Impact, Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Natural Environment

The Main Causes of Global Warming

Words: 415 Pages: 1 2019

Imagine living in a world where it’s uninhabited because humans ruined it. A world where it’s slowly rotting and crumbling away and people blaming the causes on things that didn’t contribute to the cause at all. You see a place that looks perfectly fine but under all that beauty it’s fading away right under our […]

Topics: Climate change, Earth, Environmental Impact, Environmental Science

Plastic Pollution of Earth’s Oceans

Words: 2807 Pages: 9 4664

Introduction Approximately 300 million tons of plastic is produced every year (Cressey 2016). It’s disposable, yet long-lasting nature makes it critical to pose the question “where does all this plastic end up?” A large quantity of the plastic produced eventually ends up floating on the surface of the ocean- some even reach the seafood humans […]

Topics: Environmental Impact, Ocean Pollution, Plastic, Plastic Pollution, Water Pollution

Endangered Species and Protected Areas

Words: 1182 Pages: 4 4772

The world and our home we call Earth is a young beautiful place, breathtaking views, wonders of the oceans, various life forms, a sure beauty one would say. As each year goes by humans just take that beauty and make it ugly. Cutting down forest after forest, killing thousands upon thousands of animals per year, […]

Topics: Endangered Species, Environmental Impact, Environmental Science, Extinction

Global Warming and the Future of the World’s Climate

Words: 1070 Pages: 4 4317

Although hard to imagine, in less than a hundred years the US East Coast and other stretches of coastline around the world could be submerged underwater. Cites such as New York, New Orleans, and Houston could be swamped off the map as the waters of the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico overtook the previously dry […]

Topics: Environmental Impact, Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Natural Environment, Rain, Sea Level Rise
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Migration and Displacement Risks Due to Mean Sea-level Rise

Words: 1656 Pages: 6 2416

“As climate impacts increase so will the difficulty and cost of eradicating poverty” (Roome.J, 2015). Climate action is number thirteen of the sustainable development goals. Climate impacts are affecting people and their property in developed and developing countries making it a salient challenge to development, environmental development. Climate change is occurring and worsening. Impacts include […]

Topics: Climate change, Environmental Impact, Sea Level Rise

Fight against Plastic Pollution

Words: 1176 Pages: 4 4540

 Do you ever consider the life of the shopping bag you use to transport your groceries or the plastic straw that seems to come standard now with most beverages? “A bag that is used on average for 15 minutes, yet it could take 100 to 300 years to fragment” according to SAS.org. These often one-time-use […]

Topics: Environmental Impact, Ocean Pollution, Plastic, Plastic Pollution

Endangered Species: Turtle Habitat Program

Words: 1853 Pages: 6 4336

Executive Summary Conservation need: At least five endangered sea turtles habitats are in harm along the Gulf of Mexico and the Savanna, Georgia area. Unfortunately, there are approximately five different species of sea turtles have been lost from roughly over 53 percent of the wetlands that they once inhabitant. Need a custom essay on the […]

Topics: Endangered Species, Environmental Impact, Human Nature

Humans or Climate Change

Words: 1676 Pages: 6 4938

Many people, when they saw the movie WALL-E thought it was an adorable movie about a tiny robot cleaning up and falling in love with another robot. Nevertheless, the darker part of it is the implication is that the humans have killed the planet and had to leave. Earth is made of many different types […]

Topics: Climate change, Environmental Impact, Greenhouse Effect, Human Impact On The Environment, Natural Environment, Plastic

Climate Change – Critical Issue

Words: 927 Pages: 3 3929

I believe that among the numerous critical issues facing most Americans in this world today, climate change stands as one of, if not the most urgent. However, understanding and assimilating the different causes of the ever-growing environmental problems critically facing our lives today are crucial for reducing our pollution footprint. Climate change effects include major […]

Topics: Environmental Impact, Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Natural Environment

Plastic Straws Cause and Effect Final Draft

Words: 1315 Pages: 4 5479

 Plastic can be seen practically everywhere in this day and age. It has a vast array of uses from storing leftover food to insulating houses. It is a cheap and useful invention; however, not all of the effects of this invention are positive. Due to plastic straws’ negative environmental impact as well as the opportunity […]

Topics: Environmental Impact, Plastic, Plastic Pollution

Problems which Affected on Climate Change

Words: 1624 Pages: 5 4067

Centuries has past and everyone around the globe has been affected by a problem that’s consuming the planet. Climate change is a real thing and it has been changing throughout history. “The last 650,000 years there has been several cycles of glacial advance and retreat, which has been attributing to very small variations in earth’s […]

Topics: Climate change, Earth, Environmental Impact, Environmental Science, Greenhouse Effect, Sea Level Rise

Beach Clean-Up Study Shows Global Scope of Plastic Pollution

Words: 1537 Pages: 5 4610

Have you ever been to the beach and seen trash laying there? Most people who see trash on the beach pick it up and throw it away. But, there are some people who see it and think “It’s just a little bit of trash, I’m sure it’s fine”. If you’re one of those people I […]

Topics: Environmental Impact, Ocean Pollution, Plastic, Plastic Pollution, Water Pollution

Global Warming Due to Earthquake

Words: 1048 Pages: 3 1764

Did you know that a 2011 5.7 magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma was caused by fracking? (Pritchard,1) This is shocking because the area isn’t particularly known for earthquakes. Evidently, many effects arise from fracking, including positive economical effects and negative environmental. Each day, fracking is becoming a more and more controversial topic. It has even been […]

Topics: Climate change, Environmental Impact, Environmental Science, Hydraulic Fracturing

Catastrophic Natural Disasters and Climate Change

Words: 913 Pages: 3 4749

In these past years alone, the world has been experiencing catastrophic natural disasters that are much bigger, stronger, and deadlier than ever before. Hurricanes are getting stronger, heatwaves are getting hotter, and fires are becoming more frequent. Those are only a select few of the effects climate change has on this Earth. In today’s world, […]

Topics: Climate change, Environmental Impact, Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Human Impact On The Environment, Natural Environment

Solutions to Mitigate Climate Changing

Words: 1712 Pages: 6 4054

“For decades scientists have warned that rising atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels risk adversely affecting the climate” (Economist). This is an affect we are starting to see grow more rapidly as time goes on with no true solution to the problem being implemented globally. For example, according to Space […]

Topics: Chemistry, Climate change, Environmental Impact, Greenhouse Effect, Natural Environment

Plastic Pollution in the Philippines

Words: 1339 Pages: 4 6596

The top countries that dispose of the most plastic are all in Asia the Philippines is the third. What is the problem, the Philippines are using too many plastic objects. Who has the pollution affected humans, food sources including, land animals, crops, and wildlife? Solutions what can the Philippines do to help the water pollution […]

Topics: Environmental Impact, Ocean Pollution, Plastic, Plastic Pollution, Water Pollution

A Synthesis of Studies Related to Disturbance Regimes under Global Warming 

Words: 3788 Pages: 13 1840

The words “disturbance” and “global warming” have become part of the wordlist and public discourse. Discussions on global warming often induce fervent responses and stern debate between adherents to different views of the threats or disturbances posed. However, there are many nuances concerning global warming and the threats they represent are not well understood by […]

Topics: Climate change, Environmental Impact, Environmental Science, Nature

Should Rainforests Destructions be Punished?

Words: 799 Pages: 3 5339

  Have you ever heard the saying that the rainforest are the lungs of the Earth? Did you know “an estimated 18 million Acres of forest roughly the size of Panama are lost each year, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization” (Guy-Allen,2014)? Rainforests are dying at the hands of mankind. Rainforest destruction […]

Topics: Deforestation, Environmental Impact, Natural Resources, Rainforest

Global Warming – our Duty and Responsibility

Words: 931 Pages: 3 4874

Mr. President, it has been demonstrated and said several times that you do not believe in global warming. The most recent demonstration was your decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement and stop payment to the U.N. global warming programs. By making this decision, it makes an impact on how the […]

Topics: Environmental Impact, Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Natural Environment, Sea Level Rise

Endangered Species: Gila Woodpecker

Words: 725 Pages: 2 4295

The Gila Woodpecker is one of many types of woodpeckers. This bird has an average lifetime of 10 years and the females tend to lay 3-5 eggs (1). The highest population density of the woodpecker is in the Sonoran Desert. Their water is scarce, and they are hunted by different types of animals. The main […]

Topics: Endangered Species, Environmental Impact

Organic Foods: a Better Option for Humans and the Environment 

Words: 1594 Pages: 5 1735

Grocery shoppers can see organic food in every aisle of the grocery store: organic vegetables, organic fruits, organic flour, organic chicken, organic muffin mix. However, according to the Natural Marketing Institute, “only 33 percent of the general population recognizes and understands the [United States Department of Agriculture] Organic seal.” And according to the Natural Foods […]

Topics: Agriculture, Environmental Impact, Environmental Science

Plastic in the Environment

Words: 716 Pages: 2 4683

Plastic being one of the top littered items on earth has taken a negative effect on our environment regarding climate and geological change. In today’s world plastic is something that we use on a daily basis whether that means the use of water bottles, plastic bags, straws, etc. Although individuals are encouraged to recycle, not […]

Topics: Environmental Impact, Plastic, Plastic Pollution

The Study of Global Warming

Words: 1228 Pages: 4 3995

Numerous years of research has been put into the study of global warming, where/what it comes from, and what we can do to stop it from destroying the planet further. According to the Global Commissions on the Economy and Climate, the next three years are a critical window? for important climate decisions that can help […]

Topics: Environmental Impact, Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Natural Environment

The Solution to Global Warming in Money?

Words: 771 Pages: 3 1712

The earth is warming up twice as fast and longer than it did a long time ago. Experts say that this will only keep getting worse and we will have even hotter and longer days. The first heat wave of this summer was truly felt in Israel, the region is warming up 20% faster than […]

Topics: Climate change, Environmental Impact, Human Impact On The Environment

Littering Solutions in Malta

Words: 680 Pages: 2 4226

Malta is a country consisting of three islands situated in Southern Europe. Due to its idyllic island features, such as Ghajn Tuffieha Bay Beach, and historical attractions, such as the Medieval Hilltop Town of Mdina, tourism takes up a significant portion of the Maltese economy, around 15%. According to NHSMUN, the United Nations World Tourism […]

Topics: Economy, Environmental Impact, Finance

Our Planet is Drowning in Plastic Pollution

Words: 3396 Pages: 11 7085

In 2018, recycling and not littering has become very common for an average person in California. Despite the hard work and dedication to recycling and giving people fines for littering any piece of trash, we still have a problem with plastic waste and taking care of the environment. Recycling bins are known to be around […]

Topics: Environmental Impact, Plastic, Plastic Pollution, Recycling

What is Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect?

Words: 928 Pages: 3 4703

For about 2.5 million years the Earth’s atmosphere has expanded. Scientist trust that human activity is the cause of a dangerous atmospheric deviation (global warming). Frigid masses are melting, sea levels are rising, cloud forests are kicking the container, and untamed life is scrambling to keep pace. It’s ending up clear that individuals have caused […]

Topics: Environmental Impact, Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Natural Environment

Trump’s Attitude to Global Warming

Words: 739 Pages: 2 1602

In 2017, the Environmental Protection Agency removed most of the information from its section on climate change, claiming it needed to update the information. The agency, then under the control of Scott Pruitt, removed information it had held since 1997, but stated it as a temporary measure. More than a year later, the section seems […]

Topics: Climate change, Environmental Impact, United States

Campaign against Plastic Pollution

Words: 1432 Pages: 5 5404

Plastic has become a necessity in man’s life all around the world. Plastics are in everything; your toothbrush, mechanical pencil, cell phone, milk jug, and even your face wash. This “versatile, lightweight, flexible, moisture-resistant, strong, and relatively inexpensive” substance has dire consequences on the ocean environment because it is extremely durable and non-biodegradable (Le Guern, […]

Topics: Environmental Impact, Ocean Pollution, Plastic, Plastic Pollution
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