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Racism and Racial Prejudice in Othello

Words: 532 Pages: 2 19577

In the book, Othello, by William Shakespeare, we see a big impact of racism and racial prejudice. Othello shows a lot of this and how it gets in the way by restraining love in society. He is a black man who is also a great and successful war soldier. He dedicates himself to serve society’s […]

Topics: Iago, Othello, Racism

Theme of Jealousy in Iago, Roderigo, and Othello’s Characters

Words: 439 Pages: 1 19812

Shakespeare explores the theme of jealousy in Othello through Iago,Roderigo, and Othello. Iago starts off the jealousy theme in Othello when he gets jealous of Cassio. Othello puts Cassio as his 2nd in command while he signed Iago to be his ensign which means third in command. Iago then goes crazy and starts plotting to […]

Topics: Iago, Othello

Role and Character of Iago in Othello

Words: 786 Pages: 3 8999

In Othello by William Shakespeare, Iago a power hungry ancient drives the plot through his cruel and manipulative ways. In the play Othello and Desdemona are happily married, Othello gives Cassio a promotion to lieutenant, he chooses Cassio over Iago and gives Iago a more trusted and honorable job. Through manipulation Iago is able to […]

Topics: Iago, Othello

Deaths of Characters in Othello

Words: 973 Pages: 3 7293

How many people die on Othello? Knowing Shakespeare, he kills off a majority of his characters. In Othello alone, eighty-five point seven percent of the roles die in the end. Whether killed by a sword or strangled out of jealousy, there were no justified reasonings for the deaths. Emilia, Desdemona, and Othello all fall blind […]

Topics: Iago, Othello

Iago and his Betrayal in Othello

Words: 605 Pages: 2 8489

Betrayal can be seen and done for many reasons, but often there is no real reason why someone would betray another human being. This is the case in Shakespeare’s Othello, where one of Othello’s most trusted men, Iago betrayed him after being filled with rage and jealousy of not receiving the recognition he solely thought […]

Topics: Iago, Othello
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Reasons of Othello’s Tragedy

Words: 1212 Pages: 4 9776

Othello’s tragedy is a product of not just Iago, but himself. Though Iago may appear to be the primary cause of Othello’s downfall, based on how manipulative, evil, and deceptive Iago was throughout the story. It can also be said, after having read the story, Othello’s own insecurities were the product of his own self […]

Topics: Iago, Othello

Othello as an Ideal Representation of the Tragic Hero

Words: 963 Pages: 3 8205

William Shakespeare’s Othello is a clear representation of the downfall of a tragic hero. Set in Venice and Cyprus during the 16th century, Othello, a moor, deals with the manipulative actions of a general of the Venetian army, Iago. Due to losing his desired position of being Othello’s lieutenant to another solider Cassio, he plots […]

Topics: Iago, Jealousy, Othello

Transformation of Othello in the Play

Words: 533 Pages: 2 7098

Othello Essay From a man with a admiring and worthy nature, Othello is transformed into a frenzied, blathering, and illogical monster. Othello believes and asserts himself to be a man who “loved too much, but who wasn’t wise about it. I was not easily made jealous, but once I was tricked and manipulated, I worked […]

Topics: Iago, Othello

Imbalance of Power between Men and Women

Words: 1646 Pages: 5 5398

Social imbalance can be termed as the presence of inequality opportunities as well as rewards for different gender statuses and social function within the society. The act of imbalance can be attributed to various important dimensions that involve cultures, employment opportunities as well as earnings. Furthermore, an aspect of inequality much revolves around power which […]

Topics: Family, Gender, Gender Inequality, Iago, Othello

Shakespeare: Obedience and Powerless in Women

Words: 795 Pages: 3 5760

In Hamlet and Othello, Shakespeare criticizes the feminine issues that were present in his time, bringing awareness to the standard roles and ideal expectations of women by characterizing them in a space of being obedient and powerless. As women are portrayed as having ideal feminine values such as chastity and passiveness, the frailty of women […]

Topics: Hamlet, Iago, Othello

Was Iago a Real Villain?

Words: 572 Pages: 2 5590

The Considering Iago as a “Villain” in  the play Othello, the character Iago plays a main role in the destruction of Othello and all of those around him. People could say that Iago’s actions are simply a scheming liar and that he is a purely evil character. Others say Iago’s talent for understanding and manipulating […]

Topics: Iago, Othello

Insanity Within the Plays of William Shakespeare

Words: 1968 Pages: 7 4245

William Shakespeare in his many plays and other pieces of literature created some of the most well thought out characters of all time. The characters often had reasons for what they did or what they thought, shedding new light on what it meant to actually be “insane”. The characters’ motives were often shown during his […]

Topics: Iago, King Lear, Mental Disorder, Othello

Othello: the most Extraordinary Shakespeare’s Character

Words: 622 Pages: 2 4718

The play Othello by William Shakespeare was written in 1604 during the Elizabeth era. Othello is one of the most extraordinary characters in all of Shakespeare’s dramas. In the beginning of the play we see Othello as a strong character. His stature, tall, dark, African Moor, combined with his personal charisma. A brave soldier from […]

Topics: Iago, Othello

Othello and his Actions in the Play

Words: 1083 Pages: 4 5095

In Shakespeare’s Othello, Othello’s actions can be considered weak as Iago has twisted his mind into believing that his wife is being unfaithful. Iago manipulated Othello into believing that his wife was having an affair with his friend and lieutenant, Cassio. Othello’s love for Desdemona was very strong and became what appears to be his […]

Topics: Iago, Othello

My Attitude to Othello and Iago

Words: 1509 Pages: 5 4852

Iago the antagonist within Othello written by William Shakespeare. I am so engaged with Iago because I want to secretly be like him. To get away with all the destruction he exerts. I get bored of the good guys always succeeding. He embodies both attraction and repulsion. The character of dramatic irony gropes us into […]

Topics: Iago, Othello

Description of Othello’s Character

Words: 1148 Pages: 4 9366

Othello is the main character in the play Othello by William Shakespeare. He is a well-respected African general in the Venice army and is happily married to Desdemona, a white woman. Othello being African already makes him an outsider and highlights racism in Venice. Throughout this play, there are slurs that have been used to […]

Topics: Iago, Othello

Power and Control in Othello

Words: 448 Pages: 1 5937

In modern society, there are instances where one person has power over another. It is found in professions, school, and everyday life. What is meant by control is having some sort of influence in the way you act, make money, or are seen by others. This in no way means that someone completely owns another […]

Topics: Iago, Othello

A Short Review of the Othello Play

Words: 1394 Pages: 5 4711

In Act 1 of Othello, we are introduced to Iago and Roderigo. Iago is upset because Othello gave Cassio the position Iago wanted. Iago felt Cassio was not qualified for the position because he had never been in actual situations unlike Iago. The true colors of Iago are shown because this is the first time […]

Topics: Iago, Othello

Importance of Literary Devices in Othello

Words: 1332 Pages: 4 5980

This passage highlights Iago’s character through the use of diction, imagery, irony, and other instances of figurative language. In this exchange, Iago continues to inconspicuously accuse Desdemona of being unfaithful to Othello and accuse Cassio of being disloyal to his superiors. He inserts various remarks at different times to execute this plan. At the end […]

Topics: Iago, Irony, Othello

A True Reason of Othello Demise

Words: 541 Pages: 2 4546

The novel Othello is about a General man named Othello and his wife Desdemona, just trying to be a normal couple, but problems occur when Iago starts to stir things up and starts to put lies in Othello’s head. Iago starts to stir things up because Iago wanted to get the rank as lieutenant but […]

Topics: Iago, Othello

Prominent Theme in Shakespeare’s Othello

Words: 582 Pages: 2 4778

Within the play “Othello, written by William Shakespeare, the main and prominent theme of the play concerns with Othello’s primary flaw, his jealousy. Thus, it is evident within the play the term “The Green-Eyed Monster whom Iago refers as jealousy suggests why The role of jealousy within Othello is focused from his delusional jealousy described […]

Topics: Iago, Othello

Iago: the Main Antagonist

Words: 983 Pages: 3 6398

In the play Othello by William Shakespeare, the main antagonist Iago guides the audience through his path of deception to justify his revenge towards Othello. As a result of Iago being humiliated and disenfranchised by Othello, he takes from Othello what he values most; the security he feels in Desdemona’s untainted love and commitment. Iago […]

Topics: Iago, Othello

With Love, Violence and Vengeance

Words: 929 Pages: 3 4382

Through the twisted minds of human nature, love is shown through acts of violence and vengeance committed by mankind. William Shakespeare’s, Othello and Homer’s The Odyssey violence and vengeance are portrayed through jealousy, prejudice, justice, and honor. Their roles are woven throughout these books to portray the idea that love is a violent concept. Violence […]

Topics: Iago, Odysseus, Odyssey, Othello, Revenge

Othello as an Aristotelean Tragedy

Words: 997 Pages: 3 5317

Legendary playmakers, such as Aristotle and Sophocles, held an influential position in the history of theatrical performances. In creating works like Oedipus the King, such experts seemingly knew how to intertwine human emotion with the actions of the narrative. This prowess eventually adopted by other artists led to the creation of some of the greatest […]

Topics: Iago, Othello

Characters in the Play Othello

Words: 651 Pages: 2 5287

The play Othello written by Shakespeare in the 1600s takes place in Venice, and Cyprus an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Shakespeare’s tale focuses on love, jealousy, and betrayal. Main characters being; Iago, Othello, Desdemona, Cassio, Bianca, and others. While some of these main characters go through some minor and big changes throughout the play. […]

Topics: Iago, Othello

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