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Jealousy Essays

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Othello as an Ideal Representation of the Tragic Hero

Words: 963 Pages: 3 8203

William Shakespeare’s Othello is a clear representation of the downfall of a tragic hero. Set in Venice and Cyprus during the 16th century, Othello, a moor, deals with the manipulative actions of a general of the Venetian army, Iago. Due to losing his desired position of being Othello’s lieutenant to another solider Cassio, he plots […]

Topics: Iago, Jealousy, Othello

Response to Eat, Memory: Orange Crush

Words: 538 Pages: 2 4704

Envy is an inborn aspect of humankind, a feeling all around felt during adolescence. It is through this envy that we start to hate the truth that we are given. In the article “Eat, Memory: Orange Crush,” Yiyun Li reviews how compelling the western item “Tang” was during her youth. Growing up, Li recollects a […]

Topics: Adolescence, Human Nature, Jealousy, Metaphysics

Jealousy in my Last Duchess by Robert Browning

Words: 1104 Pages: 4 6488

One of the works that we read in class by Robert Browning that really grabbed my attention was “My Last Duchess”. This work really kept me hooked until the end. In this poem the Duke somewhat personifies the green-eyed monster. He is practically a jealousy symbol.  The attention his wife, Lucrezia, shows other people. Something […]

Topics: Human Nature, Jealousy, My Last Duchess, Robert Browning

Things that i’m Grateful for

Words: 1598 Pages: 5 4449

My coonhound Oliver is a good dog. When we went camping last month, he found himself a small, dirty rag to sleep on. He scratched at it from every direction, spinning round and round until the bed was just right, and then plopped down with a satisfied groan. This was not a groan of discontent, […]

Topics: Belief, Faith, Gratitude, Jealousy, Love

Is the Human Nature Good or Evil?

Words: 647 Pages: 2 5196

The inquiry of whether not human beings are naturally born good or evil has been contested in the phycological community for centuries. A Separate Peace by John Knowles reveals the narrative of Gene Forrester and his time at the Devon School in New England during World War II. The novel is told in the perspective […]

Topics: Adolescence, Emotion, Human Nature, Jealousy, Mental Disorder, Personality Disorder
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Jealousy: Men, Women and Infidelity

Words: 1055 Pages: 4 3793

Morality and ethics are of great importance for determining the essence of a society or culture. Morality and ethics are used as complementary concepts, but literally have different meanings. Morality defines the personal character and refers to the beliefs that a person practices when interacting in personal and social relationships. Morality identifies the way a […]

Topics: Cheating, Jealousy, Morality

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