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Envy is an inborn aspect of humankind, a feeling all around felt during adolescence. It is through this envy that we start to hate the truth that we are given. In the article “Eat, Memory: Orange Crush,” Yiyun Li reviews how compelling the western item “Tang” was during her youth. Growing up, Li recollects a period where she was angry of her absence of Tang, craving the “Tart” way of life which was emblematic of extravagance and economic wellbeing in China. Through the logos of Li’s dad, Li’s appeal to feeling through her youth encounters, and the bafflement of Li’s idealistic perspective on Tang, Li exemplifies the battle a teen goes through as they grow up. Inside the article, Li promptly addresses how she is unique in relation to different understudies.

The article named “Eat, Memory: Orange Crush” by Yiyun Li relates the impact of a western orange item (Tang) to a Chinese young lady. The fundamental person, Yiyun Li, recalls a period in her daily routine when growing up she wished to experience a Tangy life, which to her represents western extravagance and the existence of style.

As Yiyun Li offers this significant part of her growing up years she isn’t being angry or set a melancholic state of mind discussing what she needed (in spite of the fact that she was in those days) yet in the article Yiyun Li stands as the voice of an educator helping her perusers to remember how the blamelessness of adolescence and youth can absurdly drove a man to be distracted for certain things or thoughts that appeared to be so significant however in actuality has no worth.

As one peruses the story, one can see that in those days Yiyun Li didn’t care for their monetary status throughout everyday life, truth be told, she knew about how denied she was, especially of her family not having the option to purchase Tang, and she was embarrassed about her family’s absence of style. It appeared to be that in view of it Yiyun Li then, at that point started to be devoured of having the option to carry on with the Tangy life when she grew up. Fortunately, Yiyun Li acknowledged how wrong her youth thoughts were.

Something beneficial about Yiyun Li is that she epitomizes the battles a youngster and a teen go through. Their basic mentalities or should I say the absence of a more extensive point of view of life make them powerless against be impacted by what was happening around them (Li, 2006). Another principle character in the story is Yiyun Li’s dad. He is the voice of reason and astuteness in the story. I particularly like him since he isn’t influenced by the pressing factor that Tang had caused.

He showed great qualities to Yiyun particularly on being frugal. In the story, he likewise represents dependability while Yiyun go through a rough phase of growing up. In Yiyun’s viewpoint in those days, he could be hated for denying her of having the option to have what she needs like bringing vivid enhanced natural product drinks during her yearly field trip. Be that as it may, his demand at last bore great natural product in Yiyun’s life (Li, 2006).

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