Harry Potter and King Arthur

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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King Arthur’s Excalibur sword and Harry Potter’s wand were both used for magical protection. The two heroes are able to accomplish many things with the support of their enchanted weapons. Both Arthur and Harry’s magic paraphernalia aided them in their endeavors, and they utilized them only in times of need, not in an inconsequential way. Perhaps, there are considerable differences and similarities between Arthur’s sword and Harry’s wand. This essay provides a comparison of Harry Potter’s wand and King Arthur’s sword focusing on their similarity in function, qualities, and history.

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Comparison of Harry Potter’s wand and King Arthur’s sword

Arthur uses his enchanted sword as a symbol of power and royalty while Harry used his wand as merely a weapon of fighting against the dark forces. Arthur fights numerous battles with great courage using the enchanted sword to conquer the assailants who wanted to overthrow the order of the British Empire. In contrary, Harry used his wand to fight against the monsters and the supernatural forces. Harry Potter knows that he is fated to become a powerful wizard in Hogwarts and he is regarded as a legend because he was able to overcome Voldemort. Harry also used his wand to fight against the terrible monsters in trying to stop Voldemort from recovering his body.

One significant similarity is that both Harry Potter’s wand and King Arthur’s sword were enchanted. The wand and the sword possessed the power to destroy anything that came on their way. Another similarity is that both characters are heroes and were taken from their parents and hidden. Also, they were both wise and aged mentors and were on a quest to achieve their purpose. Furthermore, they had the potential of becoming immortal. King Arthur’s sword was made more than a thousand years ago by the magical world’s most accomplished metalworkers. The sword was made from pure silver and was ingrained with rubies. On the other hand, Harry’s wand was simply made and distinct (Engbretson 7-22).

Both Harry and Arthur used the wand and sword to fight and save their people from doom. Arthur commanded his troops against the Saxons who were causing distress in different parts of the republic, and after several variations, he overcame them on a hill outside Bath with his powerful sword. He is depicted as a kind of savior who delivered Britain from these predicaments. Apart from conquering the Saxons, Arthur used his sword to defeat the Picts and Scots who had helped them and conquered Ireland (Pyle 45-52). Similarly, Harry offers the wizarding sphere with fourteen years of rest from Voldemort. He was able to survive the Voldemort’s death curse and thwarted its quest for the philosopher’s stone and by eliminating Slytherin’s monster (Rowling 67-71). Besides, defeated the Death Eaters who assisted Voldemort in his attempt to acquire control over the wizarding universe. His powerful wand played a significant role in the conquest of Voldemort and the Death Eaters (Rowling 67-71).

Another similarity is that both characters had mentors who also gave them the wand and the sword. King Arthur’s mentor was known as Merlin who wanted to protect him; as a result, he took him to the magical lake where Nimue or the Lady of the Lake gave Arthur Excalibur, a sword with strong blade and a protective casing. In the same way, Harry had a mentor named Dumbledore who gives him the wand or sword of Godric Gryffindor (Rowling 67-71). This occurred when Harry was fronting the Basilisk in the Space of secrets. Harry drew the sword out of Gryffindor Sorting Hat which corresponds to when Arthur drew a sort from stone to demonstrate that he was the true king. He also pulled the sword to prove his birthright and of his nobleness. Also, Harry pulled a sword from Gryffindor’s Hat to prove that he is a true Gryffindor and stopped any existing doubts about whether he belongs in Slytherin house.

The tales of King Arthur and Harry Porter also have some common elements. The presence of supernatural forces is one of the common elements. There are also other fantastic components such as ghosts, monsters, wizards, spirits as well as magical weapons. Besides, it is possible to find a linking between Arthur and Harry given that both of them are destined to become legends. Arthur is regarded as a legend because he was the one destined by an enchanted sword to be the ruler of the British nation. Consequently, Harry is a prominent child in Hogwarts since he was the only who survived from the evil Voldemort and wrecked him (Engbretson 7-22).

Unlike Arthur’s sword, Harry’s wand was magical was capable of producing spells, raise bizarre figures and travel in time when needed. Harry was also used his wand for defense and summon a Patronus. The wand and the sword were significantly associated with tools of enchanted fortification. For Harry, his shield was in the form of his mantle of hiddenness, a mantle that gives him invisibility while wearing it. On the other hand, Arthur’s protection was in the form of a sheath that came with the sword which was given by the Lady of the Lake (Engbretson 7-22).


In conclusion, both King Arthur and Harry Potter established why they were regarded as heroes. They both possessed enchanted tools that they utilized in crucial times and used to fight for the overall good of the people. The sword and the wand had magical protections that were unusual and were given to them through their mentors. In that, case there are more similarities than differences in the sword and wand that Arthur and Harry used.

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