Event that Sparked Personal Growth

One of the major events that sparked a period of personal growth and improved my understanding of myself and those around me related to an instance when my best friend Jones became diagnosed with a rare kidney condition. Having known him since we were five years old, we have spent a lot of time together and had been to the same learning institutions since childhood. At the time he was diagnosed with the ailment, he was living in a different city pursuing his studies whereas I was a different organization from him.

Since we were not together for long periods, we gradually started to communicate less. This was despite the fact that we were considered to be very close friends with most of our friends. After receiving the news about his diagnosis, I was reluctant to call or pay him a visit at the hospital where he was hospitalized. I would on many occasions find myself too busy with school events and other to go and check on his condition. Some of our old friends went to visit him, but I thought that he had a lot of time left and that his condition would continue to improve.

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However, this was never going to be the case. After two months, I received the news of his passing, and this left me shell-shocked since I had had the opportunity to go and see him in hospital but had decided that there were far more important activities that I could undertake. I could not believe that I had let my best friend die without being there during his difficult times. The event sparked personal growth in that I ought to value the people in my life as and when they are still around since one may never know when the time to die comes. I took this as an opportunity to appreciate the friends and family in my life no matter how many difficult circumstances one may be going through.

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