Personal Narrative: my Grandmother Essay

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Updated: Mar 06, 2023
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My body and hands started to shake after hearing the sentence had just been spoken. As I place down the phone the same sentence continues to repeat in my head over and over again. “My grandma has passed away” I can hear the voice saying in my head. My grandma is not like any other grandma’s she lives in India, which is 8,431 miles from the United States which meant I would only see her every summer. My grandma and I have connected a lot because we’ve just been together since birth.

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She makes me laugh and I miss her every time we go back to the United States. It was 2015 when she was diagnosed with stage three throat cancer. My entire world just stopped. It was very hard to understand since I’ve never been through something like this. My whole family was just worried sick for her health. After months of worrying my father made a decision of going to visit her.

“I think we should visit her, I can take off work,” my dad worriedly said.

My mom agreed with my dad and spoke to me. I was very thrilled to see my grandma and help her fight against cancer, but that excitement soon stopped.

“Honey, I’m really sorry, but there might be a chance you might be able to visit your grandma,” my mom said.

I was confused when it hit me. I was in 5th grade about to graduate from Elementary. The time my parents were planning to visit my grandma was when I was going to take my exam the “Georgia Milestones” which was required in our state Georgia. My family and I tried to persuade the counselors If I could take it early, but they refused and said it was not possible. After weeks of persuading my parents said we couldn’t do anything. My parents and my brother soon left for India and I stayed at my aunt’s house. Every day when I was at my aunt’s house I would call my parents to make sure my grandma was doing fine. While seeing her through a picture I’ve never seen her so frail or weak. My grandma the strong big-hearted person was now very gloomy and dim. My routine of calling to check on my grandma continued but later stopped after I finished all my exams. I was very joyful and decided to call my parents. My parents ended up not picking up, and I asked my aunt what’s wrong because they never miss my call.

“Shivani, I’m so sorry, but your grandma passed away last night,” my aunt said.

My body just became numb and I didn’t know how to comprehend that sentence. I didn’t understand what was going on. My grandma who has always been with me for my whole life is now gone, and I didn’t even get to say goodbye. After grieving and feeling sorrow for myself, the last day of school rolled around. I enjoyed my summer with my cousins and my parents came back from India. Ever since that day, I’ve learned from that experience to always spend time with your family and be happy with the life you have.

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