Healthy Lifestyle – a Way to Prevent Cancer

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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There are different steps that we can take as individuals to prevent cancer. Even though cancer is not always preventable there are things that we can do, and lifestyle changes we can make, to help reduce our risk of cancer. There is more and more diagnosis of this terrible disease each day. Due to the growing rate of cancer globally, cancer research is important to progress against this disease. With the way technology is growing every day, hopefully one day we will be able to discover a cure for this terrible disease.

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We have come along way and I think we have a better understanding of this disease.

We as individuals can not determine our outcome in life as far as our health. Although some things are out of are control there are things we can do to help prevent one from getting this disease. For instance, if an individual is a smoker they would be more susceptible to developing lung cancer rather than a person who is a non-smoker. However, one can choose to live a completely healthy lifestyle and still develop this disease. I would think maybe this person would have a better outcome over a person who was not living a healthy lifestyle. I think that it is great that we have studies that go on to help gain a better understanding of this disease, how it is spread and who is most likely to develop it. I think that the scientific method is a great way to gain a better understating of cancer and its progression.

Technology is growing more each day and will only continue to grow. These new developments and growth will be able to benefit researches and in turn will benefit cancer patients as well. For example, we have less harmful treatments now than we did just a few years ago, things are changing every single day and will only get better. Hopefully we will be able to develop new tools and equipment that will be able to recognize a growth with malignant potential even sooner and prevent this from developing into cancer. Technology has come along way and maybe one day we will be able to use technology to find a cure for this disease. Maybe one day this will be able to be treated with something as simple as a pill or a one-time injection of a medication.

To conclude, I think that cancer is a global concern and we should continue in doing studies, so we can gain as much knowledge as we can on this disease. With the way technology is growing and the individuals working on these studies, hopefully we can find a cure for cancer or at least reduce the rate of deaths due to this disease. Individuals also need to take better care of their bodies and try and live a healthy lifestyle to try and prevent them from developing a disease such as cancer. I do think we as individuals have come a long way in terms of gaining a better understanding of cancer and the future will hold even more hope.

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