Tintern Abbey Poem by William Wordsworth

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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The poem talks about an author visit to Tintern Abbey, a place in the southern part of Wale, a place he had visited before at his tender age. The poet expresses the feeling nature had to his youthful age and what he experienced after his second visit when a grownup person .He expresses his earlier feelings at his tender age towards nature and realizes that he could never understand nature at his young age since he was only impressed with awesome things he saw.

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At his second visit, he viewed same things but now he could understand nature in a broad way. The poet says he came to understand nature in a deeper perspective and the interconnectivity nature have in the world.According to the Poem  Tintern Abbey’ nature has got a greater role in today’s world in that, it imparts a feeling of passion to life. Greater things happening in the world which are beautiful makes a person love life and wants to live in it. The poet says that the feelings felt during the visits makes him happy and even makes his hardest time seem okay.

The memories experienced on the beauty of nature make life simpler and happy. According to the author, his memories at Tintern Abbey make his life happy and whenever he faces difficulties in life he visits Tintern Abbey for healing. A memory of sweet sensation felt makes his life normal and forgets all the dark moments went through. Nature has a sense of inspiration in that a person can come out with something to share in regard to what he has experienced in nature.

The poet never kept the feelings he had on his visit at Tintern Abbey but he shared the memories by writing a poem where he passionately expresses his feelings. Nature is termed as the preserver of joy and thus imparts joy whenever sorrow is felt, the poet said that nature has a privilege to lead people to joy and therefore we have to interact with it. That is, nature imparts a sense of consolation to its audience the poet says that nature will comfort his sister at the time of sorrow. .Also, nature portrays a sense of freedom whereby all people are equally placed within it and where laws are placed to regulate it. Nature has got a moral influence to human as it poses spiritual connection with a man. He views nature as the anchor of the thoughts, the guardian of his heart and more so the as the soul of his moral being. The poet also displays nature as the teacher. That is, nature not only attracts humans for its beauty but also makes human aware of the hidden perspective. And something is wrong within mankind that is responsible for the suffering and also nature is a teacher of joy and can never betray hearts of those that adore it.Freedom is loved by everyone and no one wants to be provoked.

Also, nature as it is comprised of different kinds of livings, there are instances where it feels being provoked. For instance, the poet at his tender age during the visit at Tintern Abbey, he was going after birds nest a sense that made nature feel provoked. Nature being close to God, it needs to be acknowledged by humans and failure to which man will have to lose his spiritual value. Therefore, man needs to view nature as it was before mankind felled. Humans need to take care of nature as without nature life is meaningless. Also, nature deserves some aspects of respect in that it imparts educations to its surrounding for instance, the poet gained some experience during his visit and he was in a position to come up with a poem about nature. Contrary, to what needs to be done to nature, man has gone an extra mile in provoking nature by deforesting thus interfering with the good sensation.

Nature felt being provoked when the world became less human and nature was overtaken through the creation of cities, industries and manufacturing firms.According to Wordsworth, having a close relationship with nature aids human to have a strong connection with both spiritual and social world. He tries to show humankind how love to nature leads to love of mankind. There is a feeling that, humans has lost their humanity as they have distanced themselves far away from nature and they have gone to leave in cities. Also, nature portrays a meaning of not being lonely.

The poet said when he felt being in darkness, he would visit nature where he will feel being accompanied. He also tells that he felt being healed the moment he visited the place. Nature seems to be gentle as it brings consolation to humanity however, a problem is encountered. That is, nature brings comfort however faced with distress. The poet claims that when he dies, his sister will have to visit Tintern Abbey place where he will feel being comforted by just seeing its landscape. According to the poet, nature has also got a sense of healing on a man spirits.

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