Taking a Car and Taking Public Transportation

Every time one wants to travel, the first question is always the mode of transportation to use. An underlying reasoning backs either choice. For instance, one opting to use public transit may cite environmental concerns while one using private means may consider convenience.

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The essay shall compare the two modes of transportation, which share many differences surprisingly on underlying decisions to opt either way of traffic. The first difference fronted by those opting a public transportation means is the ability by the mode of transportation to save on environment. Backers of public transit will argue that public transport saves the environment due to the high number of cars on the road. The public mode of transportation offers a cheaper, convenient and reduces the overall carbon footprint. In short journeys, public transit provides a more convenient and sustainable form of travel. The other difference one gets while using public transportation is convenient and more comfortable access to central points. In cities and towns, whereas one can argue that driving oneself is more convenient, public transportation helps one get to central point’s more natural as well as saves one from the trouble of driving.

Nonetheless, one driving may argue that poor customer service as well as rush hour inconvenience makes the public transportation not worthwhile.Cost is another element that differentiates these two forms of transport. While the popular belief is that driving a car is cheaper, the cost of running a vehicle encompasses more than just gasoline costs. Additional charges include insurance costs, congestion charges, maintenance charges as well as tax costs. On the other hand, public transportation poses fewer costs regarding seasonal tickets as well as the advanced booked ticket. The other difference in the two modes of transportation is the requirement of a parking spot. Whereas driving requires a parking spot, public transport requires the passenger to alight and worry less about parking costs as well as parking space. With scarce parking spaces, parking costs have risen steadily. Comfortable and convenience are closely related.

However, in the strict sense, comfortableness is determined by many elements. For instance, one driving their car will have the comfort of sitting on a beautiful leather seat. As such, one may argue that driving is more comfortable compared to public transportation. Additionally, driving provides one with a space of theirs eliminating other people from the equation. Additional comforts include tuning to the radio of your wish, not worrying whether they will sit or stand, not waiting to catch the bus, as well as making private calls in their cars. However, one can argue that public transport offers one the comfort of relaxing and one may read a book or a newspaper during transit.

Moreover, one can also claim that public transport provides the comfort of relaxing and not driving. For frequent long-distance travellers, however, public transportation does not offer the convenience of planning as well as costs. The paper has sought to compare public transportation as well as one driving their car. The article has examined various elements and arguments supporting the choice of either. The essay has discussed stark differences such as the impact on the environment where the paper has argued the environmentally friendly nature of the public transport mode. Other variations include convenience, cheaper costs, comfort as well as comfort. Each way, however, has its strengths and weaknesses.

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