Importance of Public Transport

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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Transport (from Lat. Transporto – I move) is a national economic complex that transports people and goods. According to the object of transportation, there are passenger and freight transport. Passenger transport is part of a unified transport system. Modern passenger transport provides transportation of people, their hand luggage and baggage in various types of communication.

When solving the problems of further development of the economy, the effective work of a socially significant sector, which is the urban passenger transport. Passenger transport is an integral part of the industrial infrastructure of the city.

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Its well-coordinated, stable and effective functioning is a prerequisite for improving the quality of life of the population and further socio-economic development of the city’s economy. By the environment used for movement, and the technical basis of the passenger
transport is subdivided into the land, water, air, and also transport using an artificially created environment. As one of the types of land transport, road transport is most widespread and therefore occupies a leading position in the transportation of passengers.
It should also be noted that, along with passenger transport, urban electric transport is also widely used.
Vehicles (rolling stock) of road transport include vehicles for various purposes. By appointment, commercial vehicles
are subdivided into a passenger (cars and buses), trucks (differ in body type) and special (differ in functional characteristics: firefighters, workshops, truck cranes, etc.).

Urban public passenger transport will be an important element of the country’s unified transport system since it provides the bulk of business trips for the population of cities and is part of their infrastructure as
component of the urban economy.

Mass transport is more effective at increasing the carrying capacity of the street than a private car.

Using public transport as the main way to move around the city can reduce traffic congestion. Cars take up too much space in the city. There is only one conclusion: the more passengers a transport can comfortably accommodate, the higher its priority should be in the eyes of the city authorities.

If you look, then about 80% of all passenger traffic (annually about 20.0 billion people) is performed by surface urban public transport [1]. Therefore, the main goal of the city’s transport system will be the most full satisfaction of the needs of residents in its services with the minimum possible costs, maximum safety of people and reliability of the transportation process [2]. The uniqueness of the urban transport sector lies in the fact that both the population and the municipal community, and the state are interested in its development since not a single settlement cannot grow faster than its transport.

It should be noted that the provision of high qu ality passenger transportation services is impossible without sufficient development of the transport infrastructure [8]. Therefore, the condition of the transport infrastructure should be considered an important condition for high-quality passenger transportation.

The transport infrastructure is divided into two components:

– passenger transport infrastructure, including bus parks and parks of electric transport, route network, dispatching system
passenger transport management, electronic fare payment system;

– infrastructure of the road network, the elements of which are the roadbed, road service objects adjacent to the road network,
for example, gas stations, shopping and entertainment complexes, road markings, traffic lights, road signs.

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