Importance of Public Health System

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Public health is very important not only does it protects and promotes the best health for people but, it has become a central aspect to health care systems ever since the twenty- first century (Schneider, M., 2017). Charles- Edward A. Winslow was the one who defined Public health in 1920 (Schneider, M., 2017). Until this day Winslow definition of public health is still effective. Public health’s main focus is to apply preventable health methods to ensure the well-being of a population or community as a whole.

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The patient in Public health is the community which looks to prevent diseases and disabilities. For example, if there are high trends of motor vehicle injuries medicine focus on the person who was injured as compare to public health agencies they will work to establish the cause of those motor vehicle injuries in order to pass new laws to decrease those trends.

As the director of the department of Public health in Merced country we have recently have decided to have three local public health measures that ensure better health quality for the people living in Merced county. The first public health measure that was implanted was introduction of a comprehensive sex education program for high students. Teens need to have some type of education in order to prevent teen pregnancy and sexual transmitted infections such as HIV. For example, about 750,00 teens in the US. become pregnant and about 82% of those teen did not plan it (Sexuality Education, 2014). Based on this information we are able to see that teen age pregnancy is very high due to lack of sex education. As well about 25% of teens ages from 15-24 have become infected with new HIV infections (Sexuality Education, 2014). By teens having a sex education program at school it will help them learn how to use contraception to prevent teenage pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted disease. Research has found that sex education programs offers students correct, comprehensive, and appropriate advice on human sexuality that provides risk reduction approaches (Sexuality Education, 2014). This has shown to help teens make an initiative to protect their health, even postpone sexual intercourse, or presenting how to use condoms or contraception.

The second Public health measure, is a new sales tax of 25 cents to increase capacity and improve water quality and treatment for human usage. Water quality is very important to maintain in order for the wellbeing of the population and community. Not only is water quality an essential to protect public health but water contributes to other very important factors such as to lakes and rivers were people go swimming, fishing and farming (Schneider, M., 2017). Based on this information we are able to see how much water provides not only to human but to the ecosystem which is why it is important to have a tax sale for more improve water quality. Sewage is one of the main source of pollution. Which is when a wastewater treatment is need to be used in order to remove all the contaminants from sewage but it system can be very expensive around 500,00 to 1.5 million.

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