Lots of Challenges of Teen Pregnancy

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Being responsible for yourself can be hard, so taking care of a baby can be even harder. Being responsible for yourself is hard because you have to make your own decisions and have to make rules for yourself it is even harder with a baby because you have to do the same thing. According to LiveStrong.com teen mothers have many responsibilities from taking care of their baby to helping their child learn and a lot more. They have to help their child with these things because they are the ones that have to take on that responsibility.

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So teen pregnancy comes with many challenges.

Teen pregnancy can be hard because teens are not ready to become parents, they have a lack of sex education, and they are not experienced. Being inexperienced in taking care of a baby is normal for a teen because they still have not developed those skills. Being a responsible teen is hard so with a baby it would be a lot harder. Teen pregnancy comes with lots of challenges and lots of hard obstacles to overcome.

Being a teen is hard and can be hard at times to be responsible for yourself, imagine being a teen and being responsible for a child. America has one of the highest teen birth rates. According to the March of Dimes, there are three in 10 teenage girls that become pregnant before the age of twenty. Many challenges are faced during teen pregnancy from your physical health to your mental health. Parenting is difficult and it can be even more difficult for teenagers who are young and uneducated, inexperienced and not ready or not responsible enough to become a parent.

A lot of teens are uneducated and unaware of sex and pregnancy the consequences of it. There are many ways for teens to learn about pregnancy and ways to prevent it but lots of schools do not provide sex education and many teens do not make an effort to learn about these things. According to telegraph.com they say that most teens who become pregnant lack knowledge of contraception. Teens are uneducated about contraception because lots of schools do not offer sex education and teens do not use their resources to prevent pregnancy. As teens are uneducated about this they are also inexperienced on how to take care of a child.

Teens are inexperienced and do not know how to care for a baby. Teens have not yet learned skills to care for a child and it is not an everyday thing. According to The Urban Child Institute teens who get pregnant at a young age will have a shortage and lack of important life skills for you and a child. They will not have all of their key life skills because they have most of their time focused on a child and they do not live up to the full potential. Teens who are inexperienced are also not as responsible as they can be, which would make it harder to take care of a child and yourself at the same time.

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