Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

This essay will explore the various causes of teenage pregnancy. It will delve into factors such as lack of sexual education, socio-economic status, family dynamics, peer pressure, and media influence. The piece will also discuss the role of access to contraception and healthcare services in preventing teenage pregnancy. Additionally, it will consider the psychological and societal impacts that contribute to this issue, providing a comprehensive understanding of the complexities surrounding teenage pregnancy. PapersOwl offers a variety of free essay examples on the topic of Adolescence.

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“Being a good mother has nothing to do with age, but more than size of heart. If you can feel enough to know that you will do anything to protect and care for your children, little else matters.” Teenage pregnancy refers or defines a female adolescents becoming pregnant between the ages of 12 to 19. These young females have not yet reached adulthood and the causes of teenage pregnancy vary greatly. Although some teenage pregnancies are intentional, and the majority of them are unintentional and lead to negative outcomes for the teenager mother and the child as well.

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According to the research: There are many negative factors that increase the likelihood of making these teens more suitable for parents.

Teenage pregnancy is most often unintentional and due to a variety of different reasons. Teens who become pregnant often come from a broken family. Growing up, children come from families who are suffering from poverty and do not have necessary resources to raise their child. These children grow up to have low educational goals and success because of lack of involvement from their own parents. These young kids then predisposed to a negative environment end up with less ambition in life to succeed in school and begin making friends with the same situations as them. Having a broken family has a low level of connections to each other. This means that children growing up do not have role models to look up or to learn from. Furthermore, that child who lacks attention has a reason to seek from other people, and that child does not know which one is good and bad because all they know is they need someone that makes them happy.

The media has a large effect on teen pregnancy, especially the shows that is all about love story or some are pornography. This show encourages teens to become pregnant. Some teenage females become pregnant just so they are able to drop out of high school. Rebellion is also another reason why some teens will become pregnant. In order to show their independence and deen themselves as having more control over their lives. Media influence glorifies the idea of having a child through the promotion of these teenagers having more adult lifestyle with more responsibility and decision making.

Another reason is a group of teens who begin to experiment drugs and alcohol and do not do very well in school. During adolescence, teengers may drink and experiment with drugs frequently with their friends and social gatherings and parties. Teens do not realize the impacts alcohol and drugs have on the functioning of their brain, Drinking excessively as well as experimenting drugs lead to unwanted and unintentional pregnancy. These situations greatly affect a teens ability to logically think and carry out general thinking processes, these increase the chances they will engage in unprotected and unsafe sexual activity.

Due to becoming pregnant during adolescence, teen mothers are very likely to drop out of schools because of their low ambitions and dedication to get an education. This means the percentage of teen mothers will not even go on to graduate from high school. In light of this, these young girls do not have full qualifications for proper jobs in the future, which leads to having a job with very low wages or even worse unemployment.

Further, this leads to poor living conditions and the ability to maintain a safe and clean environment for the new born child. Pregnant teens often do not have the proper healthy habits in order to go through a successful child rearing process. These mothers thus have highlighted health risks, which inhibits healthy child development. These mothers often smoke and drink because they are not properly educated on the child rearing process. These young mothers are unable to fully develop a sense of se;f- identity because of their new role as an expecting mother.

The child of teen mother is very likely to live in poverty because of its mother’s lack of financial resources. Essentially, the birth of this child becomes the beginning of a perpetual cycle in many cases. The child is likely to endure many of the same issues its mother did in her childhood. For instance, the child is likely to grow up in poverty and in very poor conditions. They are likely to be missing a father figure, leaving them with fewer role models and increased chances of confounding in the same situation. Furthermore, these kids have social problems and are unable to make friends very easily which leads to poor relationship development.

In conclusion, from a young age, it is important that young children and adolescents have a reliable and trustworthy adult to confide in. Having an approachable and knowledgeable role model or adult in your life will greatly decrease the chances of teen pregnancy. Children need to grow up having a positive self-image as well as a healthy environment to grow up in. Children need unconditional love and support from their parents as it is ensuring the child makes better choices about their life sexual activity.  

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