Thesis Statement about Teenage Pregnancy

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Thesis Statement about Teenage Pregnancy

This essay will discuss the development of a thesis statement about teenage pregnancy. It will cover the complexities surrounding teenage pregnancy, including societal, health, and economic aspects. The piece will propose different angles for a thesis statement, addressing the causes, effects, and preventive measures related to teenage pregnancy. Moreover, at PapersOwl, there are additional free essay samples connected to Adolescence.

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Every 26 seconds a teenage girl becomes pregnant. Refers to adolescent girls, usually within the ages of 13-19 who haven’t reached legal adulthood, who become pregnant. Research and statistics show that most of these girls that become teen moms are more likely to become financially unstable, drop out of school. and live in poor housing conditions. Although teenage pregnancy is usually viewed as bad, it can have a positive effect in the lives of teenage girls. There are good reasons behind every teenage pregnancy.

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Living situations is a huge problem in teens homes. One study shows that “Around 110 cases of abuse and neglect every year, teenagers also would perform poor in school”(32). Living situations puts them at a higher than average risk becoming pregnant at an unstable environment. All a teenager wants is love and support from their parents. A neglected teen would want someone that can love them back, if not given to them they become depressed. Even tho most people don’t think that their home might not be the primary cause of teen pregnancy it is. These teens will develop more symptoms of depression, eventually ending their life. As a parent they should love their child unconditionally, because sooner they’ll know what they have caused and learn from it ,so as the parent.

Along with living situations comes pressure. Younger mothers tend to have healthier babies and their eggs are more fertile, an article by Frick states “Women having their babies at around their thirties and forties are at risk of public health problems or increased risk of perinatal death” (47). Women should know the consequences of age when considering getting pregnant. In today’s society more young teens are getting pregnant and isn’t shocking as it use to be. Each generation that comes more people see more young mothers. These teens know older people will wait till they are a certain age to become pregnant also not only they know they are risking their health and the babies health by waiting to become older. Also these older moms dont and cant to active activities with their child because they can hurt themselves, It’s easier to a be a teen mother because they have a lot of energy and can pace with them. Young mother tend to have more nutrients in their body than an older women they can provide more nutrients the baby needs ,and time for these young mothers is running out.

Addition teens will face changes in life that might not have expected or be ready for. The first thing that might change is their plans, it could be simply graduating high school and attending college. Most teens would rather drop out of school instead of multitasking, or trying to finish school. Not all teenage mothers are the same some will have at least a high school diploma, so they can get a decent job . One study by Hurley indicates “Many teens find that parenthood vastly improves their lives” (52). Teens would be motivated and work harder to expect more from their future than those who would have otherwise. Teen pregnancy doesn’t truly ruin your life, it just gives you lessons and prepares for what comes next. Teenage mothers will process and truly understand what they always wanted in life. Also they dont have nothing to lose by becoming a parent. They belief that there is a positive, attainable future worth planning and preparing for. It’s a more powerful decision for a young mother to get pregnant and stay in school.

Along with plans comes perspectives they might of hallucinate with getting pregnant once again just to satisfy themselves. An analysis showed “A group of adolescents were most likely to conceive again with the intention of not being lonely ,keeping the father around or increasing the likelihood of easy labor”(Minnick, 242). Young mothers should not take pregnancy as a game. They are hurting the lives of innocent children who have no part on what their parents might of caused. To become a mother its the most wonderful thing it could happen, that should not be taken for anyone. Young mothers should not get pregnant because they want but because they know they can handle it.

At last maturity is determined people would know if you were meant to become a mother. One study by Minnick shows “Young mothers feel mature after giving birth, but teenage mothers produce higher levels of stress and negative coping skills” (242). That what a younger mother feels when it has children, and that’s normal ,because every has gone through a difficult time and needs to adjust to different lifestyle they weren’t accustomed to. Older mothers are worse they are easily annoyed with different sounds and can’t cope , these will give up and they’ll eventually be the ones who are depressed most of the time. For them their lives were truly ruined.

Today their are resources available for young teen mothers. Abortion is a huge problem most teens and are afraid of what their parents might think, so they handle it themselves. According to Frick “Teenage pregnancy and substance abuse have more unique causes than common one ,and nonshared experiences play an important role in shaping social deviance” (38). Most young mothers feel ashamed that they consider abortion instead of handling the problem ,also because their parents won’t approve the mistake their child might of made. These is because the parents and child are not open about the problems they may be having or going through.

Another source is adoption ,young teens know they can give their baby all it needs. An analysis by Minnick “Giving the baby up for adoption will also result in a traumatic experience for the teen” (38). It’s better to keep the baby and give it all the love it needs, to give it up and never see it again and when you wont feel the same because you made something so wonderful ,instead of fighting for you just let them rip out of your hands and to make an effort to keep you and your child together will give a good wonderful feeling you haven’t felt in a long time also regretting it the rest of your life. These young teenage mothers should be supported all the time because these is when they are most down .

Another resource that is available are mother programs. Teenage programs help and prevent teens from making a mistake and help them understand ways they could coop. “ 6 in 10 young women were failing or had dropped out of school prior to high school graduation. These programs will help them get back in tracked and balance motherhood life and education. Most teens had gotten a job and turned their life for the best. All the young mothers will gather and talk about their experiences and support each other.

There’s research on why teenage pregnancy doesn’t ruined teens life and ways they can they can improve their situations. Although teen pregnancy is usually viewed bad, it can have a positive outcome in their lives of these young women who want to learn more about what they are going through. Their are good reason behind every pregnancy, and yes their will go through some changes they´ll have to face and that’s where the community steps in to provide programs and resources to help this young mother. Therefor people should inform themselves more first ,instead of criticizing young mothers from what’s wrong or right.

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