Parenting of Teen Mothers

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“In a study conducted in the Kavango region of Namibia by Musese (2018), teen motherhood was reported to be challenging due to the fact that most of the teen mothers are unemployed and still need to pursue their studies. In addition, De Vito (2010) points out that adolescent mothers feel frustrated with having to spend all their time in caring for their baby. In support, in a research on the voices of adolescent mothers by Skowron, Clark, Sadovsky and Wisner (2013) adolescent mothers articulated that they feel frightened by the sudden awareness of motherhood and the fact of facing responsibilities of adolescence and motherhood at the same time thus leading to most of them not understanding their role. De Vito also stated, adolescent mothers tend to struggle between having needs linked with their stage of adolescent change and simultaneously being a parent who must meet the difficulties of child-rearing. To compare, in his study Williams (2013) picked out that most adolescent mothers understand their new role as challenging due to the process of changing social status as sometimes their expected to act as learners and sometimes face the fact that their mothers and expected to act as mature adults by standing up to their responsibilities. Hence, from the above different scholarly review one can conclude that adolescent mothers mostly understand their role as challenging.

Furthermore, in a study on Adolescent motherhood, Chohan and Langa (2011) found out that most adolescent mothers understand their new role of parenting as confusing due to the fact that their treated like children and yet still expected to act like adults. In support, DeVito (2010) also stated that many adolescent mothers revealed a sense of confusion on how to take care of their infants and the need for guidance and direction in the upbringing of their child. Thus, based on the reviewed literature adolescent mothers view their role of parenting as a confusing role due to various expectations.”

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