Justice Freedom of Speech

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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With the popularity of the Internet, the network media has broken the limitation of the traditional media in the freedom of speech, and people can enjoy expressing opinions and spreading information. The infinity of the Internet brings many benefits to people, such as searching for information and watching videos. At the same time, the virtual nature of the network also brings hidden dangers for people, such as spreading false information, human flesh search, and so on. One of the reasons for these things is the freedom of speech, which is the freedom to express oneself fully, including the act of seeking, receiving, and spreading information or ideas in any way.

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Freedom of speech on the Internet not only brings people happiness and knowledge but also causes alienation of people and hurt each other. Although the freedom of speech on the Internet is a double-edged sword, it can restrict the negative aspects, provide the best platform for people to speak, try to reduce Internet violence, and give people a harmonious Internet atmosphere. Fundamentally, people discuss hot topics to add fun to life and enrich their knowledge. Nowadays, many people begin to use technology to spread information. For instance, take a science video, post an article on current events, and share the joys of life on their account. By watching videos or reading articles, people start to talk, exchange opinions, and derive knowledge.

When people exchange their ideas, the boundary between them will blur. While people talk to each other, they can make new friends on the Internet. The network has been genuinely positive in people’s lives, and people are used to getting information on the system. Moreover, it has become one of people’s habits to make comments on the Internet. Godwin proves the modern people are relying on the Internet by describing the attitude of people toward the network. This dependence can be demonstrated easily; for example, when people encounter difficulties that they cannot solve, they often choose to search for similar events online to get a solution. People are used to discussing hot topics and enjoy the atmosphere on the Internet, that is, the freedom of speech.

It is easy to see the infinity of the Internet through Levendosky’s description of the network. On this platform, which full of possibilities, people can express their emotions, views, absorb knowledge from others’ opinions, and improve their self-cultivation and ability. For supporting examples, there is more and more individual media worker in video websites. These people can get more attention and enrich themselves with their talents. Among these personal media, workers are language teachers, singers, dancers, scientists, and in short, the infinity of the Internet provides an excellent platform for these people to express themselves. Besides, there may help some people who do something hurt others by taking advantage of the convenience of the Internet.

In the era of the rapid development of science and technology, people can freely express their opinions on the Internet, so inevitably there will be voices that are against reality, such as false information. People get knowledge and happiness from the Internet, but likewise, some people utilize the hot topics of the Internet to make incorrect information to make money. This study undoubtedly confirms that many people may have been surrounded by false information and do not know it, people cannot find the truth, and finally, they let those people who use incorrect information to make money succeed. Those misleading information on the Internet is likely to lead people to do things that will hurt themselves and others.

For instance, the damage done by losing money or feeling betrayed mentally is not to be underestimated. When these upset feelings add up, people are more likely to do things that would not usually happen. Besides, it is difficult to distinguish the real and the fake because of the virtual nature of the Internet. Whereas, what is outrageous is that some people refuse to admit that their actions were wrong and even talk about their behaviors righteously.

This irresponsible reply is their argument because it is free speech on the Internet; people cannot convict them by saying they are physically hurting someone. Misleading speech is one of the most prominent disadvantages of freedom of speech on the Internet. The convenience by using network make a number of people involve in it, and this means that more and more people may be deceived by false information, bringing permanent damage and loss. The overly broad environment and requirements on social media will allow some criminals to hurt innocent people more easily. Besides, false information, malicious attacks, and such behaviors so on will become their weapons.

Furthermore, people can resort to the Internet and get help. Previously, if people were mistreated, they would turn to their local courts. Nevertheless, there will always be people who cannot turn to the law for a variety of reasons, such as a mental disorder, physical disability, or unable to get out of their situation. Nowadays, more people are brave enough to share their grievances on the Internet, and then more people will come forward to offer advice and protection. The support of people online helps those who have been maltreated gain warmth and rights. Godwin said most people online always try to be justice and help others.

People will offer a lot of advice and actions to help a person, and they will appeal to more people to know this person in need. People did this because sometimes the only way to help is to make the attention of the Internet high. They can protect injured people because their voice is loud enough to use the power of the Internet to speak for themselves. Receveur’s opinion happen to hold the same view with the people online. People keep discussing these things to attract the attention of the relevant departments to achieve the purpose of protecting the people who have been hurt. It may not be the quickest and most logical way to provide support, but it is the best way to rally people to help others. In real life, people get their rights through laws.

On the Internet, people rely on freedom of speech to bring justice to those who are mistreated. The Internet provides a very democratic environment to communicate, and everyone can be independent individuals and express their own opinions. This way has been created by social and technological development, which uses the convenience of the network to provide timely and mighty help to the weak groups. When more people want to seek advice on the Internet, there will be different ways to occur; however, these solutions are not all conducive to the relationship between people. Due to the speech on the Internet has virtual nature, some people take advantage of the virtual nature of the Internet to trick people into gaining benefits or popularity — for example, the inflammatory rumor. And one of the results from the inflammatory rumor is the human flesh search, which is a way for people online to vent their emotions.

People hide behind the screen and think they are irresponsible. As the article introduced, people published others’ personal information on the network and let those people who are stirred up by public opinion to abuse others. This action often causes great harm to the person whose personal information is published and even leads to tragedy. However, no one can be sure whether what they say is the truth. Everyone can tell lies and go undetected because of the Internet environment. Some people take advantage of this and deliberately spread others’ private information to benefit themselves. Nevertheless, some people will suffer from depression and, more seriously, suicide, because they cannot tolerate verbal violence. These things exist and happen despite people attempts to hide them.

Many innocent people are paying the price for the verbal abuse, but people feel they are irresponsible because they ‘just made a careless remark.’ Many irregular behaviors on the Internet have seriously violated the rights of others. It is disappointing that people always focus on their interests and freedom. This article argues that freedom of speech cannot be dominant, once freedom of speech prevails, more people will suffer from infringement of their rights to varying degrees. Just as a person who claims to have freedom of speech is innocent of whatever he says; however, his innocence may be based on the others’ loss. People always choose to believe that their talking will not affect anyone. One person never causes the violence of speech, but it often caused by an innocent mistake of many people, which ultimately leads to tragedy.

From what has been discussed above, Internet freedom of speech is a double-edged sword. People neither should hurt others for their freedom and nor should they abuse others by collecting unconfirmed evidence to express their emotions. The network platform is to provide more and more convenience to bring happiness and relaxation for people, rather than abuse and deceive. Moreover, the pros and cons balance and oppose each other. It is challenging to define advantages or disadvantages. For instance, someone popularized a healthy diet; however, it turned out to be wrong, but this person did not know it was unhealthy.

This improper diet leads some people to get ill, and people start to verbal slander this publisher. Nevertheless, is it the right expression of freedom of speech for people to start venting their grievances online by putting all the blame on the publisher because someone is sick? Same, if women mistreated someone, people openly challenge women’s rights on the Internet, denigrate women’s dignity, and put pressure on them from society. Is this behavior an appropriate use of online freedom of speech? While trade-offs between core principles are always tricky, people sometimes complicate things themselves. For example, in this increasingly impetuous social environment, people sometimes lose patience to find the truth and turn to a solution accepted by most people.

Moreover, people always find the answer they want, but they often miss the fact by finding truth selectively. It can make things more complicated and challenging to resolve. Once things get complicated, different attitudes and opinions will arise. Some people will calm down and think about the key to the problem, while others will be more outspoken. Here is a gap between two different groups of people online; one of them is calmly, and the other is more aggressive. Although what Receveur said was one-sided, it was also the core of the freedom of speech on the Internet.

Based on not harming others, people can enjoy the freedom of expression, the discussion on the Internet, and enrich their knowledge. People have the right to discuss both sides of the coin online, as long as the disadvantages of free speech on the Internet are not involved. The Internet is a vast system, people can gain knowledge and happiness in it, and they can hurt others, either. As long as people can understand the nature of the Internet explicitly, the entire environment of the network can be improved.

People’s freedom of speech has derived more and more space for people to regulate and define, and freedom of speech is a double-edged sword, but it does not actively hurt others. This double-edged sword is held in everyone’s hand, people can choose to turn it into a weapon to defend themselves against others, but people can also choose to turn it into a tool to protect others and their rights. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that some people also use it as a right against others.

Whatever the outcome, it is up to people to make their own choices. These choices are often accompanied by different results, some of which will bring happiness to people’s lives, while others will make lives even harder. The development of people’s way of thinking and the advancement of science and technology deserves to be mentioned because this improvement will weaken the adverse effects on the Internet. At the same time, the freedom of online speech can restrict and affect each other instead of the Internet verbal violence that cannot coexist and hurts each other. Although the freedom of speech on the Internet is a double-edged sword, as long as it is used well, it will not become a weapon to hurt others, but a function for people to discuss and enrich themselves

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