Personal Learning Goals for Public Speaking

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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I was born and raised in Cap-Haitian, Haiti, the country that is known as the poorest in the western hemisphere. It is a country where morals and values are learned in the street rather than the classroom. A great education is possible but unaffordable for some, yet, I dared to dream, even though a better future was not promised. Unexpectedly, I migrated to America, the land of endless opportunities and I knew then, it was time to go beyond my capabilities to turn my dreams into possibilities.

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Although I was reminiscent of my mother land, learning a new language was challenging but I had to adapt fast in order to fit into the American culture.

With very little English I started volunteering with the Woman Breast & Heart Initiative. My work included going from door to door in underserved communities educating women about the importance of breast and heart health while providing them with the resources to beat breast cancer and heart disease. I was part of an empathetic group of young women who were passionate about developing and expanding an approachable, long term solution to a health care crisis that affects women of all ages, races, and socioeconomic statuses. As a Breast cancer and heart disease advocate, I learned how disease prevention and health promotion can impact present and future generations. This experience fostered social responsibility, civic engagement and offered me the opportunity to make genuine changes through actions.

I decided to further my education at St. Thomas University in an uncertain direction to study science courses. Due to my outstanding performance in the laboratory, my chemistry professor suggested that I major in chemistry. At STU, I occupied many leadership roles such as Kreyol Nation president, Campus Ministry Leader, volunteered in numerous events for minorities in science while working as a Laboratory Assistant on campus and a concierge off campus. While my experiences as an undergraduate have been diverse, research has unquestionably been the most important and rewarding component of my undergraduate education. Committing myself to the art of scientific research has instilled an analytical mindset, a passion for scientific development and an appreciation for the results. My three scientific research have proven to be a fantastic supplement to my undergraduate coursework and have allowed me to strengthen my conceptual understanding of scientific research. Presenting at various symposium, have helped me build my public speaking skills that has paid dividends in my current position as science and Language Art teacher.

However, when asked about my future, I was always afraid of this unknown. As more and more of my peers revealed their specific desired career choices, I only felt a profound unfamiliar sense of self-doubt and hopelessness. In fact, I have always been passionate about service and advocacy, but I was unsure about the career path I wanted to follow. Despite, I continued to work with non-profit organizations such as the ‘Women Breast and Heart Initiative’ “Habitat for Humanity” and ‘MJD Health and Community Center’.

I undertook the opportunity to intern at Latino Medical Center as a translator specialist where I provided interpreting services between patients and clinicians during in-person and tele-interpreting. I quickly realized that translating effectively both orally and written; was as important as being the voice to enquire information that exceed their rudimentary understanding of health. I currently served as a Registration Manager for MJD Wellness and Community. I am responsible for making sure that more than 300 patients are registered and getting the services needed at our monthly events. Organic food distribution, HIV/STD screenings, chronic disease management education are amongst the treatments we provide to improve the health of the community. My experiences thus far, have helped me to build leadership and management skills, it is also transforming me into a well-rounded individual, able of playing an active role in the Haitian community.

Coming into this year, I gained the understanding that to discern the unknown, I must be grateful for the known. That known is the various life changing impact I was making through working with nonprofit organization and volunteering in undeserved community in Miami. That discovery ignited a fire in me to pursue a career in Global Health. The University of Miami have a reputation in providing help in the Caribbean after natural disaster. In Haiti, healthcare was, remains fragile with limited access to primary care services, suboptimal health care performance, excessive health risk and vulnerability for the population.

I have experience first-hand the challenges that arise in the absence of inadequate infrastructure, healthcare professionals to efficiently educate providers and recipients. I choose UM because of its proximity to my country and this an opportunity to give back and help Haiti. I believe that my studies in public health at the University of Miami will enlighten my perception of current health issues and provide me with the skills necessary to find innovative ways to develop the capacity, mitigate and prevent health risk in the communities around the world. I am highly confident that obtaining my Master of Arts in Global Health and Society, at this well-respected University, long renowned for its commitment to excellence, will advance my capacities for improving quality of life locally and globally.

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