Freedom of Speech and Censorship

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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The government needs to also look at the First amendment that gives Americans the freedom of speech. Although freedom of speech gave the Americans an opportunity to express themselves, it came with some disadvantages. Some individuals used this freedom to propagate hatred especially racism. Individuals who had something against the blacks would use the freedom of expression clause to protect themselves before making hateful remarks. They would propagate hate between the African Americans and the whites. Some leaders were known for not censoring what they wanted to say no matter how it was interpreted due to the protection that the clause held.

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This led to the exceptions to free speech in the united states. This clause outlines limitations on the 1st amendment guarantee of free speech and expression. They include speech that incites lawless action in the state. In the case Schenk v. United states. this law however has since been replaced by Brandenburg V. Ohio where the court ruled” government cannot punish an inflammatory speech unless that speech incites people or leads to imminent lawless action. On the matte of inciting, that has to narrow down to moral principle where as an individual you have to narrow down your words to decide if they will bring more harm or good

The greatest challenge when it comes to controlling the freedom of speech is in the social media platform is the freedom of seech. Over the year’s social media has become the major platform where we express our views whether politics, social problems or economic problems. social media has also become a great platform where the leaders have had the opportunity to interacts with its citizen. Twitter specifically is one famous social media platform that is mostly used in engaging leaders and the citizen. The social media has provided a space where you can reach a large number of people and over the years it has even been used to campaign, explain manifestos or create a live session where individuals are able to engage with their leaders on matters pertaining their manifesto and their promises to the people.

Although social media has incredibly changed the way we convey our messages, it has also become problematic as there are no laws guiding freedom of speech in the internet (Byrd). Because of the web, it is presently conceivable to communicate all the more unreservedly and secretly on issues, be they political, social or monetary with almost no cost. However, concerns have been raised over the utilization of the web in methods for putting limits on what we say and post on the web. This has realized the subject of restriction on the substance we access or post however again it winds up almost impossible as it is viewed as a way of stepping on the freedom of expression.

With occurrence of things such as cyberbullying, the debate on internet censorship has emerged. The internet censorship is no longer a matter of legislation but now narrows down to moral questions. Even while James Madison was advocating for freedom of speech, he did not envision a situation we are in now, this may probably be because social media is a result of technology which was not there when the constitution was created. If the government tries to intervene on the censorship, the human activist will be on the road in a couple of hour accusing the government of infringing on the first amendment freedom of expression. It is in the interest of the public to come up with laws that will restrict the freedom of speech on the social media sites.

These sites have been used to propagate hate message, bully, troll innocent people as well as spread fake news. Spreading of fake news my result in a lot of panic in the country. Twitter is one social media site that is notorious for spreading of fake news or hatred. Just one tweet can be retweeted by a million of people in matter of hours. With the freedom of speech, you find individuals advocating against a certain race or even religion in these platforms. They cannot be arrested for this as they are protected by the 1st Amendment act. It is such loopholes in the bill of rights that have made some legislators to try and come up with legislations that will save such situations.

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