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Electrical Engineering Essays

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Nikola Tesla – the Inventor Behind it all

Words: 1340 Pages: 4 4852

Imagine spending nights in the pitch dark having to find the way to the kitchen or bathroom and not having any light at all? Thanks to Nikola Tesla, he was the brains and talent behind not only the founding of the AC system that conducted long lasting power, but the inventor of so many more […]

Topics: Electrical Engineering, Electricity, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison

A Comparitive Study of LTE Based M M Communication Technologies for Internet of Things

Words: 2411 Pages: 8 3995

Abstract With the technological advancement at its peak, the world has seen as massive increase in the number applications in the field of Internet of Things. With a rapid increase in the number of connected devices, there comes a big need for new communication protocols that are lightweight and efficient in terms of power consumption, […]

Topics: Communication, Electrical Engineering, Internet Of Things

Nikola Tesla: Electrical Engineering

Words: 568 Pages: 2 4847

An individual that made important contributions to the field of electrical engineering was Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was a man of many traits, he was a Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist who discovered, designed, and developed many important inventions, the majority of which were officially patented by other inventors, like […]

Topics: Electrical Engineering, Electricity, Energy, Nikola Tesla

Biography of Nikola Tesla

Words: 946 Pages: 3 4505

Nikola Tesla”” is the name most of us know just as a great scientist’s name, but the fact is we know his works and his discoveries that shaped the power of technology which changed the world in the 20th century only to a small extent. He had many other names like “”Father of Alternating Current””, […]

Topics: Electrical Engineering, Electricity, Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla’s Change to the World

Words: 1034 Pages: 3 5747

Abstract Stephen began his research on Thomas Edison and how he changed the world. Stephen began researching currents and soon found sources comparing direct and alternating current. He changed his focus from Edison to Nikola Tesla because of the significant difference that Tesla influenced through his current. Stephen will write a research paper on the […]

Topics: Electrical Engineering, Electricity, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison
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Nikola Tesla: an Electrifying Current of Innovated Leadership

Words: 2077 Pages: 7 4791

Abstract Nikola Tesla created some of the worlds most amazing projects. Bathed in defeat, victory, and competition he managed to create the alternating current (AC) electrical system and the Tesla Coil. The AC provided electrical power to homes, offices, factories, etc. While the tesla coil was a high frequency transformer, creating high voltage at a […]

Topics: Electrical Engineering, Electricity, Nikola Tesla

Why Study Professional Ethics Essay

Words: 531 Pages: 2 3779

This paper will cover the Similarities between the (NSPE) National Society of professional Engineers and the (IEEE) Institute of Electrical and Electronics engineer Code of ethics. But while both of these organizations code of ethics may look similar such as keeping the environment safe,treating people With Decency and respect, staying away from deceptive activity and […]

Topics: Code Of Ethics, Electrical Engineering, Research

Artifact Analysis

Words: 579 Pages: 2 4341

On display at the science museum in London, UK is the coaxial switch from the Oscar One CB transceiver. Citizens band (CB) radio is the official name. Manufacturing was done by the South Midlands Communication Limited which was based in Eastleigh, Hampshire, England. Production of these transceivers only lasted 3 years after the start in […]

Topics: Electrical Engineering, Radio

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