Modern Society Limits

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Today’s modern society limits an individual’s ability to achieve happiness because of increased pressures placed upon an individual. The pressures placed upon an individual, by parents, limit their ability to attain happiness. In today’s modern society, parents want their child to be the most perfect and outstanding as possible in order for them to be immeasurably successful. In order for their child to be the best, parents inflict an abundance of pressure. According to the article Best, Brightest-and Saddest written by Frank Bruni, explains the significance of how the many stresses of the world limit happiness in an individuals life.

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Many children grow up with parents who have scaled the pinnacles of their professions or are determined to have their offspring do precisely that,(Bruni) The amount of stress placed on a child by parents creates an unhealthy environment promoting only success and limiting the amount of happiness in an individual’s life. The pressures of stress inflicted by parents in today’s modern society detrimentally decreased the amount of happiness in one’s life. Parents inflict stress on their child by wanting only success in their child’s life.

The Happiness of Pursuit written by Jeffrey Kluger explains how in modern society the expectations for everyone has raised significantly creating unhappiness in lives. Many people often forget that If it was possible for our ancestors to be happy on the prairie, it ought to be possible for us to be happy in our jobs, our families, our communities,(Kluger). When trying to always be successful to please parents, an individual may overlook how successful they are in life already and have happiness. When a parent wants their child to keep improving until they can’t improve anymore, it creates a huge amount of unhappiness in a child’s life until they can please their parents which is difficult to do in that circumstance.

Through this, unhappiness is created in today’s modern society by the pressures to keep improving. Overall parents inflict stress on an individual limiting the amount of happiness in their lives, by wanting their child to be the best and have the utmost success in their life. Modern society limits an individual’s ability to achieve happiness because of increased expectations academically. Many students feel the need to take higher level classes. In fact, the number of advanced-placement classes that local students feel compelled to take and the number of hospitalizations for depression rise in tandem, (Bruni).

Many students feel that it is necessary to be the best academically which results in a huge amount of stress for some students. Some feel that in order to succeed academically, they must push themselves to the limit, which in the long run may detrimentally decrease the amount of happiness in an individuals life. Many individuals come equipped with the pursuit-of-happiness impulse–the urge to find lusher land just over the hill, (Kluger).

One may feel the desire to push themselves to accomplish the goal of being the best, although there are serious consequences that may occur. Depression and possibly suicide are some of the major results of pushing themselves too much. The consequences such as depression from academics lead to less happiness in one’s life. Overall stress academically is a huge impact on the decrease of happiness in today’s modern society, because of the created impulse to be the best leading to many cases of depression and extreme sadness.

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