Each of Us is Part of the Community

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For most of the people in the United States, if not all, forming a community around were they live is very significant. Communities are not only formed by the people who live in it, but also, for what surrounds it. People most of the time seek for communities that compromise their personal beliefs, values, and identities. A community is not only formed by the people who live in it and their beliefs or religious affiliations, but also, it is mainly formed by the public spaces, schools, and businesses that surround the community. Health and medical centers, banks, restaurants, supermarkets, police department and many others are some of the things that form a community. There could obviously be no community, if there is no one living in it. Living in a community not only gives the people in it new opportunities, but also, gives them lifelong friends. Communities also help the people in it to share their ways of thinking, and that way make a better community for themselves. On my personal experience, Panama does not have communities like other countries. In Panama your community is your immediate family, school and parents work. So, my community if compromised by my father, mother, two brothers, and grandmother, my school, and my parents work. For many other people, their community is, their immediate family, maybe their entire family, their school, their neighbors, their church groups, and a bunch of other things that conforms their community.

Since I grew up in a different type of community, my sense of community was not the same as it is now. When I arrived to Loyola I noticed that the people around me were slightly different than me, because they seemed more outgoing. I was confused, because I thought I was a very easy outgoing person, but later noticed, that I was not because I was not used to meeting that many people at the same time neither was I used to living with some many people. After talking with my parents about this, I understood that I was raised in a different type of community. But what really made me change my thinking about what a community was, and how it could actually define a person, was the Community Walk. Here I got to get a feel of what was a community like, and sort of how it felt to be part of one. I not only understood that communities were formed by the people who live in it, but also, by the businesses around it. It changed my perspective about community because I found that communities can actually define a person. That communities are not only a place to live, but also, a place to make friends, establish businesses, and most importantly a place in which you establish your future. It made me understand how important it is for people to be part of a community and made me also want to be part of one. If it now means something for me, what should it be for a person who has been part of one always.

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