Influence of Technologies on People

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Mr. Kord Campbell, forty-three years-old, used technology nonstop. He goes to sleep with a laptop and an Iphone beside him, and when he wakes up, he goes straight back online. Even after not being on his gadgets, he craves the stimulation he is getting from his gadgets. Because of that, he had trouble with focusing and spending time with his family (Richtel).

Technology plays a big part in people’s life. The effect of technology on people has made it better and worse at the same time.

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The benefits of the use of technology in brain became more efficient at finding information, however it made people become too dependent on technology causing them to be lazy and distracted easily; which can affect their academic achievement. Second, the negative effects of technology is on multitasking. The last negative effect of technology is on teenagers using too much electronics that could affect their healths. Technology has changed people mentally and physically.

Using technology has helped people find information faster and easier. The biggest improvement in society was the advancement of technology. According to Pew Research Center, a survey in 2016 was found, about 52% of Americans believe technology had a positive effect on society. The improvement of technology saves people’s time and allow them to access any information they need. According to New York Times, about 75% of 2,462 teachers did some survey saying that Internet had made a difference on students research skills. These advancement tools had made students to be more self-sufficient. However, it made people become to dependent on technology causing them to be lazy; about 60 percent said that it slows down students’ abilities to communicate, write and their ability to do homework (Richtel). According to teachers, students have grown in the habit of getting quick answers in the Internet and more likely to give up when an easy answers confuses them (Richtel). Using too much technology prevents students’ abilities to work hard for challenging tasks and academic achievement.

Multitasking with technology is damaging people’s brains. Researchers said that there is an evolutionary explanation of the pressure that puts on the brain. The functions of lower brain is to alert humans when there is a danger and they can’t turn off their multitasking tendencies when they are not multitasking (Richtel). According to scientist at the University of Utah, these called “supertaskers” represent less than about 3 percent in the population (Richtel). Multitasking is a bad habit: they were likely to be distracted and have trouble on focusing on just one thing.

Finally, the technology effects on teenagers’s conditions may get worse. Teens are pros at keeping themselves occupied in the hours, almost everyday. When they are not busy, they are on their phones: texting, sharing, posting, watching, and scrolling. A survey done by the Royal Society for Public Health, asked 14-24 years old on how social media affect their healths. The results of the survey was found that Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all caused of feelings of depression, anxiety, poor body image and loneliness (Ehmke). Another reason why technology changed teenagers was because they are not getting enough practice of their needs to meet in person and in real life. By the time they are adults, they will be anxious about the first method of communication; which is talking. Dr. Steiner-Adair agrees that lack of self-esteem was often to blame and she said, “We forgot that relational aggression comes from insecurity and feeling awful about yourself, and wanting to put other people down so you feel better.” (Ehmke). If people stop putting other people down, it will make their lives easier, where there is no negativity being involved to their lives.

The Internet has many useful benefits. However, the internet could also be harmful for one’s health, mentally and physically. Multitasking reduce people’s ability and to perform because the brain can only focus on one thing at a time, which it is why it can damage the brain. Using too much electronics made other people suffered. Therefore the time of using electronics must be limited.

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