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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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There’s lots of great information across the web for aspiring crypto investors or for those who want to learn about the advancement of blockchain technologies in general. We’ve assembled a list of our favorites to help you zero in on the information you’re looking for faster. Subscribe to these great blogs and accelerate your blockchain learning curve!

The industry giants like Coinbase, CCN and a myriad of cryptocurrency-focused news sites are a great source for specific information, but we wanted to focus on blogs and websites that are focused on the ever diversifying applications of blockchain technology, so here’s our list of the best blockchain blogs, in no particular order.

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#1 – BTC Wires

While initially centered around all things bitcoin, this is now a premier source for content that dives deep into the latest breakthroughs in, and applications of blockchain technology. You can sort content by topic, and there are also a number of really great tutorials in case you’re just starting out. You can sign up at to receive updates right into your inbox.

#2 – Blockchain News

Started in 2015 by crypto expert Richard Kastelein, the focus is on covering not just the dry technical aspects of blockchain implementation, but also capturing the culture and personalities in the industry. There’s lots of news, insight, and opinions to help you find your way around the exploding universe of blockchain. More advanced readers will appreciate the expert perspectives offered. Subscribe to their updates at

#3 – Dippli

If you’re looking for a robust source of the latest in-depth blockchain news and coverage, Dippli is for you. Reaching all corners of the industry, they provide detailed info on new and refined technology. Not just focusing on the industry giants, they also give a great coverage to the small startups that really drive technological innovation in the blockchain industry. There’s also a wiki section to help you catch up or brush up on your blockchain knowledge. Surf over to to get on the list.

#4 – Bits on Blocks

Started by author and blockchain researcher Antony Lewis, this blog features a great introductory tutorial that will help you gain an understanding of what blockchain is and why it’s so powerful. Based in Singapore, the topics do center on Asia but that is where much of these technologies are being perfected and implemented. Posts are a bit less frequent, but more in-depth and informative. Sign up at to get insight from an industry thought leader.

#5 – Blockchain Flash News

Here you’ll find a collection of company press releases, weekly educational articles, Bitcoin news, and more. The weekly blockchain learning posts are particularly good at giving insight into industry trends and emerging applications of the technology. Combined with regular news articles, company profiles, and op-eds from blockchain experts, you’ll find lots of great content by signing up at

#6 – Breaker Magazine

This digital magazine brings together a diverse group of opinions from several different industry experts. They claim that their writers don’t have significant crypto holdings and as such, don’t have the conflict of interest that sometimes colors reporting on blockchain systems. It’s owned by blockchain entertainment studio SingularDTV, and you can stay informed at

#7 – Blockchain at Berkley

Run as a non-profit think tank out of Berkley University, you can expect high quality, thoughtful, and independent content from this resource. While there may be less articles than some of the other blogs, each one is a rich and well researched deep-dive into a particular topic. Authors include faculty, as well as industry experts. Dig in here if you really want to gain a thorough understanding of any of the subjects presented there. The knowledge is at

#8 – Chain Letter – MIT Technology Review

Sign up for this twice-weekly email-only newsletter that covers everything blockchain from the faculty and experts at the MIT Technology Review. You will find these updates to be extremely dense with information and insight into the cutting-edge ways blockchain can be applied. Also, expect thoughtful analysis of the ethos surrounding blockchain implementations, including possible pitfalls. Expect thorough, and thoroughly independent information. Head over to to sign up.

#9 – Blockchain Unleashed – IBM

One of the industry giants is undoubtedly IBM, and their internal blog, Blockchain Unleashed is not only focused on their initiatives. While it’s a great place to learn about what they are working on, and who they are working with, they also cover the industry at large. You can expect highly in-depth and extremely technical breakdowns of the inner workings of some of the most advanced blockchain applications. Maybe not for the beginner, but certainly high quality content available at

#10 – Blockchain Healthcare Review

For a perspective on the integration of blockchain solutions in the healthcare industry, this is your one-stop-shop. The focused coverage means that you can weed out the information you’re interested in, and even if you’re not in the healthcare field, learning a new way that the technology is being used might be a great way to creatively apply it in your own field. The massive amounts of data and extreme need for privacy make the healthcare industry perfect for blockchain, and it means they are embracing the technology. Learn more at

There are almost too many blogs out there to choose from, and it’s hard to know who might have a conflict of interest. We hope that sharing our favorites helps you zero in on the information and education that you’re looking for. OpenLedger also has an insights section available at where we share our perspective.

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