Jeffersonian & Jacksonian Democracy

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Jeffersonian & Jacksonian Democracy

This essay will explore the similarities and differences between Jeffersonian and Jacksonian democracy in American history. It will examine the philosophical and political beliefs of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, focusing on their views on democracy, federal power, and individual rights. The piece will analyze how each approach shaped American politics and society, including issues like states’ rights, the role of the common man, and economic policies. It will also consider the lasting impact of these ideologies on modern American democracy. PapersOwl offers a variety of free essay examples on the topic of Andrew Jackson.

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Jefferson and Jackson are the two presidents who are very similar in their political views. These two presidents have stemmed off of each other’s ideals as leaders. Both Jefferson and Jackson believed in the power of the people. they were both on the democratic side and wanted to hear where the people of the United States stand. The two of them believed that the people were more of a priority then the men in office trying to proceed with what the government needs or wants (cite).

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there were many similarities with these two leaders which involved state politics and on how the state should run. The government was very demanding on the states and how they should be running, however both Jefferson and Jackson thought otherwise. The two of them believed the state government should be allowed leverage on how to run their government within the state, and not have federal input harshly being demanded (cite). The two democrats were going to be changing Americans history in both their own ways and really helped improved the government and society in America during the 1800’s.

Jefferson was the third president to be sworn into office, March 4, 1801. Before he became president, Jefferson was the larger contributor on writing the Declaration of Independence in July of 1776. The Declaration of Independence that Jefferson wrote was the document that proclaimed the separation of the 13 North American British colonies from the control of Great Britain (cite). Jefferson also had advancements during his presidency with expansion, such by purchasing Louisiana from France, and later on in his presidency of his second term he banned the import of slaves into America (cite). Those were just his top achievements that he accomplished as one of the greatest presidents in history.

Jackson was the seventh president of the United States and was elected in 1829. Before he became president, he was highly respected general in the United States Army. To give him some political background Jackson was also involved in both houses of Congress before he was elected. Throughout his whole time of being president Jacksons main goal was to protect the liberty of democracy of the people and government. Which he is known for being the greatest democratic president in history by strongly holding his power within the society (cite).

Each era for each president had their differences, even with majority of both Jefferson and Jacksons view similar. There is a difference by being known for something, versus acting on something. This was the difference between Jefferson and Jackson. Jefferson was said to be a man of the people and a man of the rights of the poor. Which is false Jefferson being a wealthy man before becoming president therefore he adheres to the wealthier lifestyle of life, hence his reasoning for protecting the wealthy (cite). The main issue between non-wealthy and wealthy was the Bank of the US, the issue with banking was only the wealthy could be part of the bank and use the services from the bank. Jefferson continued having the Bank of US in operation meanwhile when Jackson was in office he was for demolishing the National US bank (cite). Which made Jackson the president for the people and he did, he involved the general public and heard them out. The differences continue with the matter of voting. Jefferson strongly stands with his belief that for any man to vote they must own property, Jackson disagreed on this measure since having property should not be a qualification to vote, due to the amount of society who might not have property under their name. Another difference was Jefferson was for only the elite who were educated and sustainable should be given the chance to rule in any legal office. Jackson disagreed, and he pushed that all white men no matter when class scale in society they were, they had a chance to run for office. Lastly the last difference was on the matter of slaves. Both Jefferson and Jackson owned slaves, but both had different views on slaves. Jefferson stance on slavery was how it was profusely wrong and would eventually end. Jackson had no stance really on slavery, he didn’t see it being wrong, he just didn’t see an issue with it (Cite). The main reason for the difference in these two presidencies is one was for the government and wealth and the other was for the people who would have to live with the changes being made.

These changes of government were caused by Jackson and his ideal presidency of protecting democracy but also equaling the people. The people were divided by class. When class back then relied on the amount of money, basically if the person was wealthier or non-wealthier. If they were wealthy they had more opportunities in society such as jobs, voting, property, and banking (cite). Jobs were still limited to certain people or profession, voting was strictly only for wealthy white men, property was up in price so many middle class or lower class could not afford property. In Jefferson’s eyes not being able to afford property would mean they are not part of working society. In Jacksons view, they would still be a part of society and should be part of society.

These changes were significant due to the long-term outcomes for Americas future to come. During the Jackson era a lot of action was taken for the outcome of American society and financially with the national US bank proposition. With these changes occurring Jackson a democrat worked with the Whigs and lastly in 1840’s built the national two-party system for American government (cite). Both side had their support coming from different states and sections of the country, which was either North or South. With Jackson partnering with the Whigs they both knew conflicting issues on North and South needed to be avoided due to the fact they wouldn’t agree. However later on the outcome was the division of the state’s due to North and South (cite). Everything that Jackson had down led to a great democratic year and helped America get back on top of their political stances, everything that was done had an long term outcome good or bad.

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