Impacts and Challenges Faced by Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Thomas jefferson was the 3rd president of the united states. He was the author of the declaration of independence. He is famed as a champion of political and religious freedom. Jefferson was first elected to the virginia house of burgesses. In 1769. He was elected in 1801. Andrew jackson was the 7th president of the united states. He is known for founding the democratic party and his support of individual liberty. He was elected in 1828. Destroyed second bank of the united states.

3 Impacts of Thomas Jefferson

  1. Executive power~ he justified divergent conceptions of executive power.
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    Known for his hostility to strong central government.

  2. The private and public~ been a great democratic icon precisely because he is so eloquently articulated fundamental tensions in americans understanding of the people.
  3. Rights, rhetoric, and reality~ celebrated for articulating the american national creed, the fundamental and universal principles of self government. That he set forth in the declaration of independence.

3 impacts of Andrew Jackson

1. The man was a strong proponent of individual rights. Jackson believed in a limited government supported by a strong president at the top; the states were to govern themselves with limited federal interference with the president as a representative of the country’s population.

2. Andrew Jackson was a war hero, and he built much of his image on hisparticipation in the War of 1812. During the nullification crisis, Jackson made it clear that the states could not and should not disobey a federal law, shocking considering his of state’s rights.

3. Jackson payed off the entire national debt, a feat not since repeated. Of course, the panic of 1837 would come at the end of Jackson’s administration, partly due to Jackson’s attacks on the second bank of the United States.

3 challenges faced by Thomas jefferson

  1. Federal judges blocked many of Thomas Jefferson’s ideas.
  2. Thomas Jefferson’s wife died at the age of 33 after having 6 children and died 19
    years before Jefferson got elected
  3. Jefferson had trouble with other countries because they didn’t want to trade and
    wanted to keep his sailor and merchant ship safe.

3 challenges faced by Andrew Jackson

  1. Andrew Jackson has the bank war. He tried to choose to destroy the second bank of
    United States.
  2. Removal of Native American from southeastern states major policy of Jackson’s
  3. Emerge states rights movement in South Carolina.

Thomas Jefferson’s challenges was my important than Andrew Jackson’s because Jackson’s challenges weren’t even comparable with Jefferson’s challenge. Jefferson’s challenges were more difficult.
Thomas Jefferson was more successful to me because he had more impact than Andrew Jackson did. He faced more difficult challenges. He is more successful.

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